Cory Booker's New Gun Control Plan Is as Absolutely Insane as You'd Expect

Cory Booker’s campaign is DOA but it’s still fun to watch him flail around, desperately seeking attention.

That’s basically what his new gun control proposal is. It’s chum in the liberal waters. It’s also patently insane and unconstitutional.


Ambitious is liberal code for dumb and completely unworkable, but like a five year old painting with his hands, what really matters is that he tried.

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) sums up his ambitious new gun control plan in one sentence: “If you need a license to drive a car, you should need a license to own a gun.”

On Monday, Booker unveiled his proposal to tackle America’s gun problem as part of his bid for the presidency, detailing a plan that sets a high bar for the rest of the Democratic field.

You see Cory, cars are not a constitutionally protected right. There’s also no federal license to drive a car.

Booker’s proposal would require people to obtain a license to purchase and own a gun. To obtain a license, people would go to designated outposts — similar to the passport system — to get a federal license, administered by the FBI. Applicants would need to pay a fee; submit paperwork, a photo, and fingerprints; sit for an interview; pass a comprehensive background check; and go through gun safety training to get a gun. The license would be valid for five years, although it could be rescinded if someone breaks the law or otherwise proves to be a danger.


This is called unconstitutional, no matter how much good research Vox thinks is behind it. The entire point of the Bill of Rights is to say what the Federal government can’t do. They can not require licensing to exercise inalienable rights, nor can they force you to be subjected to an interview process where Cory Booker gets to decide who does and doesn’t get to own a firearm. They also can not charge you a fee to use your rights. The rest of the stuff is equally nonsensical, i.e. the idea that you’d have to pass a gun safety course, giving the Federal government yet another arm of control.

The sheer amount of craziness in this proposal is hard to grasp.

Speaking of which, when asked whether he’d jail citizens who refuse to comply with his tyrannical proposal, Booker won’t say (spoiler: he would).

Democrats need to let this go. You are never going to peaceably disarm masses of Americans by restricting their constitutional right to bear arms. Attempting such would lead to chaos and possibly bloodshed. It’s not worth it. Especially when gun violence continues to decrease despite the manufactured crisis narrative we see in the media. Mass shootings are incredibly rare, which is why when one happens, it gets a week of news coverage. Most other gun violence is centered around illegal guns in inner cities, i.e. gangs, drug cartels, etc.


Taking guns from law abiding citizens is not going to solve any of that. In fact, it’s Democrats who oppose common-sense ways to get illegal guns off the street via techniques like stop and frisk. This isn’t about actually solving a problem. It’s about politics and Cory Booker getting to virtue signal. Luckily, he’s not going to get anywhere near the Presidency so he can continue to enjoy being irrelevant in the Senate.


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