Queer Feminist Mermaid is Set to Challenge GOP Sen. Susan Collins in Maine

Man, they are really ticked about that Kavanaugh vote.

After Susan Collins voted to affirm the latest justice to join the Supreme Court, Democrats vowed to make her re-election campaign a nightmare. Maybe they are actually just planning to have her die of laughter?


Sensing the lack of a Democratic candidate willing to challenge Sen. Susan Collins (R., Maine), a “queer feminist mermaid” named Bre Kidman—politically mobilized by the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation fight—has filed to enter the race.

Here’s how her bio describes her.

On Facebook, Kidman is described as a “criminal defense attorney by day and radical fat queer/performance artist/model/musician/activist most other times.” On Spotify, Kidman is “Bee Kay Esq.” and the biography is the same. Five songs with collaborator Mr. Gadget use “inhuman instruments to give voice to human vulnerability with beats that invite just enough dancing to feel slightly less dead.”

Wait, hold up. She’s a model?

But seriously, with a bio like that, I’m sure her law practice is going swimmingly.

“I’m not the kind of person you’d expect to see running for office,” Kidman said. “I want people to look at the election and see that the type of person that’s always running for office doesn’t always have to be one type of person.”


You know what, good for her. Is this woman incredibly weird? Yeah, but I’m not going to knock her for participating in the electoral system. That’s why we vote. The rest will work itself out.

At this point, the DSCC has not commented and I doubt they’ll be throwing their support behind her. I would assume the Democratic party doesn’t put up much of a fight in Maine. Collins is going to cruise to re-election and it’d just be a waste of money. That may not make some Republicans happy given her centrist leanings, but hey, we’ll always have Kavanaugh.


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