WATCH: Fox News Interview With Border Patrol Agent Interrupted by Illegal Aliens Crossing Border

Well, this is awkward, at least for CNN’s Jim Acosta.

This morning, Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo was conducting a live interview from the southern border in El Paso, TX. As a Border Patrol agent was explaining how illegal aliens normally run across and turn themselves in, they were interrupted by a group doing just that.


This is what happened, per Townhall.

Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo conducted a special episode of “Sunday Morning Features” at the United States-Mexico border in El Paso, Texas. During her interview, Bartiromo spoke with Border Patrol officers to talk about the crisis taking place on America’s southern border. While speaking with a few of the agents about the dried up Rio Grande River, multiple illegal aliens crossed the ravine and stepped right into the United States.

According to the Border Patrol agent, those crossing the border like this look for an agent and willingly turn themselves in. The reason? They’re giving a piece of paper and are sent northbound further into the United States.

This is the idiocy of saying a wall won’t help. If there was a wall here, these people would have never been able to run across and turn themselves in, which is a tactic being used to abuse the asylum process. Given that each CBP agent can’t legally adjudicate each case (for obvious reasons) as they come across, they are given paperwork and disappear into the interior. It’s a system that’s being knowingly gamed every day. With a barrier, word would get out that it’s no longer possible to do that and the number of migrants would dwindle.

If there was a barrier, it would help deter from making the journey in the first place. Instead, they know they can simply run across the border and once across they can, usually falsely, claim asylum. People are trained in countries like Honduras, Guatemala, etc. on exactly what to say and do. Meanwhile, the drug cartels are making billions of dollars trafficking these people to the border.


It’s a dangerous, immoral situation where people, including children, routinely get sick and even die along the way simply to enrich drug lords. Sexual assault is through the roof as well all because the United States does nothing to stop the draw that’s currently bringing them. Barriers, faster processing, and asylum reform would actually save lives in the end but our politicians are too cowardly or too invested illegal immigration to act.


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