NEW: FBI Tried to Groom Sources in Trump Administration AFTER the 2016 Election

FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok, testifies before a House Judiciary Committee joint hearing on "oversight of FBI and Department of Justice actions surrounding the 2016 election" on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, July 12, 2018. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

This seems like a pretty big development, although I’m sure it won’t elicit much mention outside of Fox News and conservative sources.

New texts between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page have emerged and they show something very troubling.


Text messages between former FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page indicate they discussed using briefings to the Trump team after the 2016 election to identify people they could “develop for potential relationships,” track lines of questioning and “assess” changes in “demeanor” – language one GOP lawmaker called “more evidence” of irregular conduct in the original Russia probe.

The (trigger warning) spying that went on during the 2016 campaign involving the Trump campaign is already bad enough. But to now learn that the scheme was set to continue after the election, even after Trump became President, is pretty incredible.

By what authority does the FBI or any executive bureaucracy have the power to secretly surveil a President based on absolutely no evidence of criminal wrongdoing? And to do so by trying to cultivate sources within his own administration? That’s well past Watergate level and it’s far bigger of a scandal than Trump sending mean tweets about Robert Mueller.

Here are some of the texts.

“Re above re email, it might be more important for (redacted) to know that (redacted) briefed Pence, no?” Page writes.

Strzok responds: “I think that’s a good idea.  I”ll talk with (redacted) so they build messaging/don’t overlap.”

The texts continue with Strzok telling Page he consulted “Bill” – a possible reference to his supervisor, Bill Priestap – about who to send to handle the briefing.

Strzok: “Talking with Bill. Do we want (redacted) to go with (redacted) instead of (redacted) for a variety of [reasons]?”

Page: “Hmm.  Not sure.  Would it be unusual to have show up again? Maybe another agent from the team?”

Strzok: “Or, he’s ‘the CI [counter-intelligence] guy.’  Same.might make sense. He can assess if [there] are any new Qs, or different demeanor.  If (redacted’s) husband is there, he can see if there are people we can develop for potential relationships.”


The comments on assessing any new questions that arise and looking for changes in demeanor only have one logical explanation. Strzok was still trying to show that Trump and his associates were in league with Russia. He was looking for more activity to arouse suspicions and continue to push his investigation forward.

The most disturbing thing here though is the Strzok’s plan to develop relationships within the administration to use for information. Anyone that tries to say that line is innocent and him just looking for some new buddies to go to Nationals games with is gaslighting to the extreme.

How is this not the biggest political scandal in 50 years in Washington? The mainstream media likely won’t even report on this revelation and if they do, they’ll no doubt trot out a bunch of former FBI agents as “experts” to tell us how this is all normal practice.

It’s not. If there was actual, verifiable evidence of wrongdoing, then perhaps you could somewhat justify this. We know there wasn’t though. The Steel dossier was abject garbage. Comey, Strzok, and McCabe had no evidence that Trump was connected to Russia at all. Yet, they continued this charade anyway.

People need to pay a price for this. This was the kind of activity you’d expect in a 3rd world country, not in the U.S. These agencies all need a reality check that they aren’t autonomous and their job isn’t to act on their own volition to “save the country” or any other such nonsense.


There’s a lot more left to come out. This is only going to get worse.


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