After FBI Raid Her Home, Baltimore's Democrat Mayor Disappears

There’s a large ongoing scandal in Baltimore involving the current mayor and a pay to play scandal over a children’s book she wrote. You probably haven’t heard of it because she’s a Democrat. I mean, it’s not like she’s low-level Republican staffer who commented on someone’s cloths or a backwoods GOP City Councilman who put something offensive on Facebook. Those are stories worthy of CNN’s attention. This is more “meh” for them I guess.


Here’s a little background on what went down with Mayor Catherine Pugh.

Pugh has been at the center of controversy following a Baltimore Sun report that Kaiser Permanente paid about $114,000 for 20,000 copies of her children’s book series, the “Healthy Holly” books, between 2015 and 2018, while seeking a $48 million contract with the city that it was awarded in 2017.

As the local news reports, she got a visit from the FBI in what is a further escalation of the scandal she’s facing.

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh continued to stay out of the spotlight Thursday, as federal agents raided her homes and several businesses.

Pugh was home at the time the FBI and IRS began their raid around 7 a.m. After the feds left, Pugh met with her legal team.

An earlier report said she may have been trying to get out of town, but attorney Steve Silverman spoke to WJZ outside her home Thursday and said the mayor is physically ill and emotionally saddened. He said she apologized for letting down the people of Baltimore with any appearance of wrongdoing.

However Silverman did not address whether Pugh would resign, only saying he was discussing her options with her.

According to Silverman, Pugh is not mentally or physically able to make any decisions.


So where is Pugh? No one currently knows but her lawyer and whatever other confidants are around her.

Neighbors tell WJZ they haven’t seen her in weeks. They believe she splits her time between two homes in Baltimore.

Her lawyer was present at the home and gave some boilerplate statements, claiming she is not “lucid” enough to make a decision on resignation. Pugh is supposedly battling a sudden bought of pneumonia and has gone MIA. It’s certainly a coincidence that she’d get deathly ill the moment the Feds start to move in on her.

Some local residents gave comment to the CBS affiliate about Pugh’s situation.

Michelle Hopkins is from Park Heights, where the Maryland Center for Adult Training was raided by FBI agents Thursday morning.

“Until you get regular people in there that’s gonna do their job the right way, then that’s when our city is gonna get it right.”

Here’s an idea. Stop electing corrupt Democrats who are simply being shuffled through when it’s “their turn” by the political machine in Baltimore. But we all know what will happen next election. They’ll vote in the next Democrat in line with a checkered history and it’ll be rinse and repeat time. Baltimore isn’t quite Chicago with it’s political history, but it’s not far off.


Pugh is going to end up being arrested. It’s just a matter of time. Her best bet is to continue to feign illness I guess.


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