Climate Change Activists Glue Themselves Together in London Because Reasons

Apparently, this is a common thing in the U.K.

I posted a few weeks ago about a climate change activist gluing herself to the ground in front of an oil company building. Not to be outdone, members of a group called “Extinction Rebellion” decided to glue themselves together in front of the London Stock Exchange because reasons.

Why the stock exchange?

Because these nutjobs believe that they must destroy the economy in order to bend the government to their unrealistic, nonsensical demands over global warming. That’s not me exaggerating for effect. That’s actually their plan.

Eventually, police showed up and arrested the protestors.

If you look closely at the video of the arrests, you can see the first woman’s hand cut open from where she had to be ripped apart from the other protestors. That’s gotta hurt.

Look, I guess I can respect these people’s passion, even though I think they are misguided at best and completely ill informed at worst, but come on. Gluing yourself together to block the entrance to the stock exchange? How does that result anything but sores and jail time? It’s not like the stock exchange is even a monolithic being to bring pressure upon. It’s thousands of different companies based in other places.

This kind of silliness is what happens in an age of increasing secularism. People are so desperate for meaning that they’ll latch onto absolutely anything to champion, no matter how nonsensical and ineffective their actions are. Even if global warming were a coming catastrophe, it’s an impossibility that humans could somehow reverse it with behavioral changes. Too many people would die from the reduction in emissions, especially in poorer countries. The world is too vast and governments are too diverse to organize such an effort anyway.

While I don’t subscribe to their doomsday theories, if I did, here’s my advice. Rather than protests and fun with glue, these people should be working toward technological advances that allow future adaptation. That’s the only realistic answer to the problem they swear is so imminently destructive.

Instead, they want to destroy the economy, negating the ability to produce those technological advances. Makes sense.


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