Beto Releases His Tax Returns, Shows He's a Laughably Selfish Person

I think we’ve finally figured out why Beto’s dog is always so sad. He’s having to live with the modern day embodiment of Scrooge McDuck.

Beto O’Rourke rolled out his tax returns today and lets just say that things aren’t going great. He may be able to play three chords around a campfire or talk about saving the planet but when it comes to giving to those in need, he’s apparently one selfish dude.


And he’s not just sort of selfish. He’s laughably, almost unbelievably selfish.

Yes, you read that right. Beto gave only about 0.3% of his almost 400k income to charity in 2017. There are people making $35,000 a year that routinely give more than $1,166 to charity, whether it’s their church, outreach ministries, or larger relief organizations, among many other options.

You’d think a guy who’s had everything handed to him on a silver platter and who married the daughter of a man worth hundreds of millions of dollars might have the itch to pay it forward a bit.

I mean, look how caring he is!

Beto really feels your pain, well unless you need some actual help, then he’s got nothing for you.


This is why people hate politicians. So many of them are such frauds. Beto is campaigning on helping the needy, but he can’t even be bothered to give enough to charity to out give many church going single mothers. It’s funny to joke about but it’s also kind of gross.

You have to actively try to be as greedy as Beto is. You’d think he’d have at least given $10-20k to offset his tax bill or something. No, this dude would rather hold onto ever last cent.

There is very much an aspect of practicing what you preach here and Democrats consistently fail on this point. If you are a Democrat using the poor and immigrants as pawns in your campaign rhetoric, you should at least be willing to put some of your own skin in the game to help those people. If you aren’t, you are a hypocrite who seeks to take from others while not even voluntarily contributing yourself.

Unfortunately, this kind of thing doesn’t seem to matter to voters. Barack Obama was once famously exposed for giving as low as $1,050 to charity in the years before he ran for President. Only once he realized that it would be a political issue did you see massive spikes in his charitable giving. Beto apparently wasn’t even smart enough to pad the score a bit before announcing.


It takes an almost pathological lack of shame to be as selfish as Beto O’Rourke is while simultaneously lecturing others on taking care of their fellow citizens. This guy has some serious issues.


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