Pete Buttigieg Stabs VP Pence in the Back AGAIN, Reveals Exactly Who He Is

Pete Buttigieg by Marc Nozell, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

There’s an interesting dynamic with the 2020 race and some conservatives. In a rush to appear “open-minded,” you’ll see them praise candidates like Pete Buttigieg as having interesting ideas or being more down to earth. The assumption is that Buttigieg is less hostile and more moderate than the rest of the field.


I mean, the guy likes Chick-fil-A and that means he’s willing to work with people!

Yesterday, Buttigieg put a dent in that reputation by lashing out at Mike Pence for seemingly no reason.

There are so many questions here. Namely, what does Mike Pence have to do with anything? Pence hasn’t spoken about Buttigeig at all. He’s not a factor in the early 2020 primary.

In fact, the last time Pence mentioned the guy, he was praising him.

CNN, being the hacks that they are, described the one-sided interaction this way.


This is nonsense. Pence has not mentioned Buttigieg since 2015. You can not have a feud if the other side doesn’t participate. So far, Pence has taken the high road, although I’m sure if he fired back he’d be eviscerated for it.

Now Buttigieg is doubling down, flailing wildly at a guy who will not even engage him back.

That was obviously his answer to those who brought up Pence praising him in 2015.

When a person has shown you nothing but kindness, you don’t do this to them in the public square. It’s completely opportunistic on Buttiegieg’s part. He had nothing bad to say about Pence until he started to run for President. Now he’s got to raise his woke credentials so he randomly starts attacking him.

Some conservatives have actually defended Buttigieg from various hit pieces such as this. He’s proven he doesn’t deserve such care. It’s time to realize there are no “good guys” in the 2020 Democratic field, politically speaking. They are all far-left ideologues who will spit in the face of any Republican if it means a few extra hits on CNN. Even Joe Biden is embracing woke culture and pushing for socialist policies now. These people are what they are.


What Buttigieg is doing here is essentially proclaiming that Mike Pence is not allowed to have personal religious convictions. This is a dangerous path that liberals are now treading, where simply leaving people alone isn’t enough. You must be made to agree with other’s lifestyles or suffer societal consequences.

With all due respect to Guy, the answers are not ‘yes’ and ‘yes’ to the modern Democratic party. There’s no such thing as good faith disagreement anymore. Only painting your enemies as evil bigots.

Buttigieg is a coward. At the drop of a hat, he’s left behind his moderate, milquetoast appeal that earned him plaudits in Indiana in order to run into the arms of the far left for pure political gain. The best thing that can happen to this guy at this point is for him to lose spectacularly. The truth is, he is no better than Bernie Sanders. His policy positions are no better and he’s no more bi-partisan than any other left-wing ideologue in the race. Conservatives who’ve previously defended him should realize that and react accordingly.



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