Judge Designates Anthony Weiner a Level-One Sex Offender After Release

A little light news on this Friday evening.

Former Congressional member and proficient sexter Anthony Weiner has been designated a Level-One sex offender by a Bronx judge today. This comes on the heels of his release and his current stay in a halfway house for ex-cons.


Disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner was designated a level one sex offender Friday by a judge in the Bronx, where Weiner is living in a halfway house following a stint in federal prison.

Level one is the lowest level designation.

Weiner was convicted in 2017 of sending lewd texts to an underage teen in North Carolina.

The most relevant part of this story is of course his connection to Hillary Clinton, being the former husband of Clinton’s closest aide Huma Abedin. At the tail end of the 2016 election, tens of thousands of Clinton emails were found on Weiner’s laptop, some marked classified. This was of course still not enough for Comey and the FBI to do anything but whitewash the whole ordeal. Despite clearly mishandling classified information enough for it end up on a pervs laptop, she still was never charged.

For Weiner’s part, he claims to have a sex addiction.

He told the judge at his sentencing that he had a sex addiction and had been a “very sick man for a very long time.”


I wouldn’t doubt it. The things that guy did flew in the face of self-preservation and control. He was actually in the middle of trying to run for Mayor of New York when it was found that he sent lewd photos to an underage girl.

I’d guess this will be the last we hear of him but you never know. I mean, Washington D.C. once re-elected a guy who was caught doing blow with prostitutes so anything is possible.


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