Democrat Rep Calls Ben Carson Stupid in a Hearing Because Civility or Something

Could someone get one of the Never Trumpers at the Washington Post to comment on whether this is the new civility they are looking for? They told us to vote Democrat so I just want to be sure this is cool with them.


Who is Mike Quigley? You’d be forgiven for never hearing of him. He’s this guy.

Quigley is a do nothing career politician from Chicago. He served on the Cook County Board of Commissioners, one of the worst run, most corrupt local bodies in this country. He parlayed that into a lifetime appointment in Congress because his district will never entertain doing anything but the same failed thing over and over.

Clearly this guy’s storied resume simply overshadows Ben Carson, who’s never done anything of note in his life. Wait, what?

You want to disagree with Ben Carson? Go ahead, but suggesting a famed neurosurgeon who went from the projects to the national stage is somehow stupid is beyond the pale. Especially when it’s coming from a politician like Quigley who’s greatest accomplishment is winning a popularity contest every two years in a heavily Democratic district. This is also the same guy who was yelling at the wall two days ago that AG Barr was hired to shut down the Mueller investigation. You’d think Mueller might have something to say about that if it were true but who needs logic?


But Trump, I know, I know. I thought those who oppose Trump said they wanted something better? There’s also a difference between raging on Twitter and a Congressional hearing. As far as I know, Donald Trump hasn’t leaned over to Nancy Pelosi in formal negotiations and called her a moron. Save the insults for social media and friendly settings, not a hearing where Carson voluntarily showed up.

There’s something more insidious about this because we all know how it’d be treated if this were a Republican berating a black Democrat like this. You may recall that Trump suggested that Maxine Waters lacks mental fortitude. He was called a racist and the news media lost their ever loving minds over it. Will Quigley get the same treatment? I think you can guess the answer to that.


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