LOL: CNN Reporter Says Its "Pro-Trump" Media That Got Collusion Coverage Wrong

This is almost unbelievable, but Oliver Darcy has to keep his #resistance cred up now that he works for CNN.

To any sane person, the past two years have appeared to be an unprecedented amount of hysterical coverage on Russia collusion from major news sources. To CNN, it’s actually “pro-Trump” media that got the story wrong.


Yes, it’s not MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. that need a reckoning here for pushing a completely false conspiracy theory for years, hamstringing the Presidency and the country. No, it’s some marginal right-wing outlets that lashed out at an investigation that never should have happened in the first place. That’s who really got this wrong.

Wait, what? That’s some serious gaslighting.

While these networks and publications will attempt to avoid responsibility for their biased, destructive coverage, this isn’t going away. On Twitter right now video montages are circulating, old tweets are being retweeted, and the truth of how badly this was handled will continue to be exposed.

As to Mueller, was he a dirty cop? I’d say no, at least in so much as being willing to frame the President. But we can’t forget the people who are bankrupt today because of the aggressive tactics employed by Mueller’s team, including Andrew Weissman, who has a long history of corruption. Real people paid real consequences for a special counsel that never should have happened. There were other, better ways to handle all this. It’s also indisputable that there was a long, biased buildup within our government agencies leading up to the special counsel.


None of that goes away just because Mueller didn’t report collusion.


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