Old and Busted: Mueller Is Taking Trump Down! - New Hotness: But the SDNY!

You knew it was coming. The new narrative is already forming and it goes something like this.

“Robert Mueller was never really doing anything. Collusion wasn’t what we were actually concerned with. No, the real action has always been in the SDNY. That’s who’s going to finally take down Trump!”


If you checked Twitter today, you saw media members and #Resistance nutters desperately trying to shift to this new line of thought.

CNN’s Ryan Lizza ladies and gentlemen.

The Lawfareblog also got in on the action. This is only the beginning you see!

Keep in mind that Wittes and his crappy website have been wrong almost every step of the way about what Mueller’s investigation would lead to. They’ve fluffed collusion for years, specifically the Trump Tower meeting and insisted we’d see major actions stemming for it.

Other #resistance warriors left their hot takes.


Check out this hilarious evolution by Matthew Dowd over the past two years and compare it to the tweet he sent today.

He’s just a nobody planting seeds! So much for that Wyatt Earp comparison.


So will the SDNY take down Trump? Highly unlikely.

The idea that Donald Trump, a man who can’t keep two thoughts together for more than five minutes, knew the details of campaign finance law and purposely violated them is laughable. Given that intent is a required part of the law, it’ll be almost impossible to prove criminal liability. What this means is that even if there’s found to be a technical violation, it’s going to be a fine, not an indictment. That will mirror what happened to the Obama administration. In fact, a Jeb Bush SPAC was just found to have knowingly violated campaign finance law to the tune of over $1M and they were still only fined.


Secondly, the SDNY is not an autonomous being. It’s part of the DOJ, bound by the same policies and guidelines that Robert Mueller’s investigation had to follow. That means they have to listen to AG Barr if he says they can’t pursue all sorts of randomness in the absence of a crime. I suspect he will put some guard rails around them. Also, the idea that Mueller prosecuted Manafort directly despite no actual ties to his mandate, but that he handed off secret indictments of Trump Jr. (or whoever) to the SDNY makes no sense. If he had anyone in Trump’s family or Trump himself on financial crimes, he’d have dealt with that himself.

Despite this, the liberal media, Democrats, the #resistance, and the Never Trump cabal will now desperately shift gears and start talking non-stop about the SDNY. There’s something funny, yet sad about all this. These people invested so much time and energy into the collusion narrative and it all crashed down on them in a single evening. Their hysteria reached cultish levels over the last two years. Instead of just admitting they were wrong, they now have to pick up the goalposts and move them again.

These people need a hug and someone to tell them there’s more to life than revenge fantasies about Trump.



There’s even shirts now, lol…



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