ICE Releasing Over 1,000 Illegal Immigrants Every Single Day

New York National Guard members Spc. Steve Hammann, left, of Buffalo, N.Y., and Pfc. Jamie Kilbury, center, of Lockport, N.Y., get an up-close look at the border (fence at left), with Border Patrol agent Sean King, right, near the Arizona-Mexico border on Friday, Jan. 19, 2007 in Sasabe, Ariz. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

CREDIT: US Customs and Border Protection via Public domain.

Due to a lack of funding, facilities, and individual beds, ICE is having to release over 1,000 illegal aliens and their family members per day just to stay under legal quotas.


The Washington Examiner reports.

Deportation officers are cutting loose more than 1,000 illegal immigrant family members a day, setting them free into border states as the surge of migrations overwhelms the government’s ability to handle them, officials revealed Thursday.

Over the last three months, about 107,000 family members were caught at the border and then released, with ankle monitoring devices or check-in schedules and the often vain hope that they will show up for their court hearings and deportation.

Worse yet, officials say, they have had to pull deportation officers off duty in prisons and jails, where they were arresting criminal migrants, and deployed them to the border to help the Border Patrol release all the families.

With over 100,000 released in just the past three months, it’s certain only a fraction of those will ever be heard from again, as few will choose to return for their scheduled hearings. Democrats in Congress have held CBP and ICE hostage by denying them resources while simultaneously accusing them of inhumane actions. It’s a disgusting game of politics that ignores the very real emergency taking place at the southern border.

Border Patrol has seen a huge upswing in illegal crossings by family units the past year. This provides many more complications than a lone, seasonal worker would. Court rulings demand that children not be kept in custody more than 20 days, yet when CBP releases the children into the care of family members already in the U.S. they are accused of “separating children” from their parents. It’s an impossible, no-win situation for men and women that are just trying to do their jobs.


The President should continue to expose this issue to the American people. Common sense needs to prevail and Democrats should be held accountable for what they are doing. Not only are they creating an unsafe situation for Border Patrol and ICE agents by purposely overwhelming them, they are also promoting human trafficking by essentially advertising that our asylum laws can be abused. The group benefiting the most from all this? The drug cartels who are making billions a year off shuttling illegals to the border to falsely claim asylum.

This entire situation is completely out of hand. It’s time to put partisan politics aside and do the right thing here. That means more resources, more beds, more judges, and closing the loopholes that are serving as an incentive for people to illegally cross the border.


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