MSNBC's Katy Tur Desperately Moves the Goalposts on Collusion as Her Narrative Collapses

This is predictable and sad.

After two years of pushing collusion conspiracy theories non-stop, the media are suddenly getting restless. It’s time to shift the goalposts because simply admitting they are wrong would be outside of their purview.


Enter Katy Tur, a self-described fire-fighting “journalist” over at MSNBC who’s never met a hysterical Trump-Russia story she didn’t want to push. Now, after all flailing and gnashing of teeth day after day, she’s decided it doesn’t matter anymore.

“Let’s just put on the screen of everybody who’s been found guilty or already indicted in the Mueller investigations. Lots of faces, lots of please, and lots of indictments,” said Tur, pointing to images of individuals such as former Trump campaign consultant Paul Manafort, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, and former Trump advisor George Papadopoulos, to name a few.

“They’ve already come up with quite a bit, regardless of whether there or not there is direct collusion or conspiracy found between Donald Trump and his campaign, and the Russians,” she added.

Don’t you see, because Mueller nabbed a bunch of guys on unrelated and/or process crimes that have nothing to do with Russia, that vindicates her bad judgement in pushing collusion nonsense from the moment Trump took office. Makes sense, right?


Sorry Katy, that’s not how this works.

Time to show your cards, not change the game and pretend you didn’t lose. In fact, MSNBC has been obsessed with Mueller and collusion to the tune of mentioning him double that of the other cable networks combined.

In fact, MSNBC spent almost as much airtime mentioning Mueller as the other two channels combined, showing how fixated the arm of NBC News has been on the investigation into alleged collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and the Russian government.

They can’t now pretend that the results don’t matter.

If the media hopes to gain back any semblance of their credibility, a tall order no doubt, they need to have some humility about just how wrong they were on Trump and Russia. The Mueller report is not going to deliver what they hoped. That’s fairly clear at this point and instead of now shifting the goalposts to more hysterics over supposed obstruction, maybe they should take all this as a sign to hold back a bit and actually wait for evidence next time.


Who am I kidding? They won’t. They’ll just move onto the next crazy narrative and that’s why the media’s favorable ratings rank somewhere around smacking one’s self in the head with a hammer. MSNBC has ridden a bubble of Trump collusion insanity for the past several years to pretty decent ratings. They aren’t going to like the crash that’s coming.


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