Beto: Killing Babies Right Before Birth Is Fine by Me

Beto is trying really, really hard to let Democrats know he’s sufficiently woke. From apologizing for saying he was “born to run,” to groveling for repentance for daring to be white, he’s embracing the Democrats’ extremist platform at every corner and letting them know he’s one of them. This new Beto is a far cry away from his 2018 image pushed by the media as a pragmatic moderate when he faced off against Ted Cruz and lost. I mean, if we can’t trust CNN’s characterization of a Democrat politician, then who can we trust?


Next on the list was naturally going to be abortion because the Democratic party has decided that killing babies up to the moment of birth is not immoral at all. Beto’s response? That he’s down with killing viable babies as long as you give him your vote.

And with that, the transformation is complete. He’s cast off the mask and is now a fully woke 2020 Democrat, complete with crazy, harmful views on race and abortion.

The Democratic Party’s run to the left on abortion is just insane. We’ve gone from “safe and rare” to “often and anytime” in just the span of a decade. Why would anyone support abortion in the third trimester when medical science makes it possible to at least attempt to save their lives? Furthermore, why would anyone support such disgusting legislation as passed in New York and proposed in Virginia, where babies born alive can still be killed?


Beto’s “I trust her” line is typical of his new squishy, beta male image. Human beings are generally stupid. They routinely make really dumb, selfish decisions. Killing a baby, especially one who could otherwise live, does not become moral or right just because a woman and a doctor had a conversation about it.

I’m not alone in thinking that either. Per John Sexton’s recent report on this at HotAir.

Gallup finds that 60 percent of Americans believe abortion generally should be legal during the first three months of pregnancy, known as the first trimester. That support drops by more than half, to 28 percent, once a pregnancy reaches the second trimester; it falls to 13 percent in the third trimester, at which point the fetus is often viable with medical support.

Only 13 percent of people in this country support abortion in the third trimester. There’s almost nothing in America that its citizens agree on at such a high level, but the brutality of late-term abortion has managed to bring them together. In a normal world, this would signal to Democrats that they’ve gone too extreme. But they don’t live in the real world. They live in a bubble built by themselves and perpetuated by the liberal media.


As science continues to advance, I firmly believe that one day later generations will look back at abortion with disgust, wondering how such a barbaric practice could have possibly been legal. Polling says the Democratic party is on the losing end of this war. It’s just a matter of time, even as they lurch more and more toward outright infanticide.


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