Unbelievable: Iran Named to UN "Women's Rights Commission"

The United Nations just had it’s worst “hold my beer” moment of 2019 and the year is still young.

You may recall the controversy last summer when the Trump administration announced that we were leaving the UN’s “Human Rights Council.” This led to much gnashing of teeth among the international community and the U.S. media. In reality, it was a step that needed to be taken. The council was hopelessly corrupt and incredibly biased. In 2018 alone, they slapped at Israel with 21 separate resolutions condemning them. They managed only six for the rest of the world.


If you are thinking that makes no sense, it’s because it doesn’t. One of those other six resolutions? Condemning the U.S. for the Cuban embargo. They couldn’t be bothered to speak up about the rampant human rights abuses in China, Russia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, or Venezuela. But they got their slap at us for opposing a communist dictator though.

Apparently, the UN wasn’t happy with having their credibly rank just above CNN’s so they decided to go and ahead burn it completely to the ground.

Today, the body has named Iran to the UN “Women’s Rights Committee.”

Aside from the fact that it’s Iran, who already has an awful history of women’s rights abuses, this is an especially disgusting day for the UN to do this. Why? Because Iran just sentenced a female human rights lawyer to 38 years in prison and 148 lashes.

Iran has faced international condemnation after one of the country’s most prominent human rights lawyers, detained for eight months, said she had been sentenced to a total of 38 years in prison and 148 lashes, according to her husband.

Security agents arrested the lawyer, Nasrin Sotoudeh, at her home in June last year. The government offered no explanation, but at the time Ms. Sotoudeh was defending women who had been arrested after removing their hijabs, or head scarves, in public protests.


What was her grave crime? She had the audacity to support women who are exercising their God given freedom to not cover their heads. Sotoudeh is just one of many who have been thrown in jail simply for fighting for their basic rights. Protests rocked the country last year on this issue before the Iranian authorities put a stop to them with their typical brutality. Ironically, the UN managed to pass a resolution in 2018 specifically condemning the actions of Iran’s government in regards to human rights, including a individual mention of their mistreatment of women.

If the UN weren’t more concerned with appeasing dictators and trashing Israel full-time, they might have taken note of their own vote pointing out Iran’s abuses against women. Instead they elevated them to the “Women’s Rights Committee,” where Iran will now sit in direct judgement of other country’s actions toward women. If the UN hadn’t released an official press release, no one would be blamed for assuming this was all a joke.

Here are some things Iran will “judge” as a member of the committee.

Iran is guilty of all of those. Literally, every single one. Now, as a member of the committee, they will be in a position to overlook such abuses to protect themselves. It’s unconscionable.

The U.S. should just go ahead and leave the UN completely. There is no point continuing to give these people a dime and there’s certainly no point in letting them have their headquarters on our soil. You’d think this would be an issue our news media really cared about, given the front they otherwise put up on women’s rights. On the contrary, you’ll rarely hear a peep of criticism out of them toward the UN. Why? Because they see the petty dictators and socialist Euro members as our moral betters for illogical reasons, namely as a point of opposition against the Trump administration. The President should ignore the possible backlash and shut this charade down.



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