Anti-Semite Rep. IIhan Omar Finally Finds "Israelites" she will Defend

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She’s back and apparently emboldened by the fact that our virtuous media did absolutely nothing to speak against her last ventures into bigotry and racism. You’d almost think this tweet was a parody, but nah, this is real life.

Notice the date on that tweet. January 22nd, 2019.

That means she is posting this four days after the full two hour video came out, exonerating the boys of any wrongdoing (unless you consider wearing red hats provocation). That same tape showed the “5 Black men” she cites hurling racist epithets, homophobic slurs, and singling out black children to tell them their organs are going to be stolen. They approached the boys, not the other way around. Despite that, here is Omar painting the objectively false picture that they were innocent bystanders.

Nowhere in this tweet does she acknowledge the “5 black men” are from the “Black Hebrew Israelites,” which is a bigoted, racist group of insane people (best known for yelling at you by the Chinatown Metro if you’ve ever lived in DC) who aren’t actually Jewish at all. It’s perhaps no coincidence that her support for such people comes on the heels of her wondering aloud why any Jewish person would find her saying “Israel has hypnotized the world” offensive and anti-Semitic.

Yet, here she is jumping to the defense of some of the most vile people on earth because this is who she is. Here’s a sampling of who the “Black Hebrew Israelites” are and what they said.

It’s worth noting that the other parts of her tweet are also outright lies. No one from Covington Catholic or this group of boys at the Lincoln memorial made a statement about rape. The video also clearly shows that Phillips was not surrounded but instead chose to approach the group of high school students in order to provoke them.

We also now know that Phillips lied about serving in Vietnam. He lied about going to Ranger school. He lied about his role in the Marines. It turns out he was an E-1 who repaired refrigerators stateside after the last Marine deployments to SE Asia were well over.

Will the media, as well as Democrats, acknowledge they got played here, or will they continue to push Phillips as if he’s on equal moral footing? I’ll let you take a guess at that one. I think you’ll get it right. Perhaps most egregious though is that a sitting Congresswoman is outright supporting and defending a racist, black-seperatist group in order to further slander children and so far the media are silent. I expect them to largely side-step this story.

If I were these kids, my first target of legal action would be Rep. Omar. Her tweet is absolutely defamatory and libel. It won’t be difficult for these students to prove they were harmed either. This is a bridge too far and there needs to be an example made here. Who better to use as that example than a sitting Congressional member? You can’t just openly slander children after evidence has clearly come out showing you are wrong.

Rep. Omar isn’t being vague here. She’s not trying a “both sides” argument as Trump did in his bumbling response to Charlottesville. She’s indisputably lying about this incident while offering aid and comfort to open racists. Why? Because she is one.


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