Shocker: Kavanaugh Opponents Already Complaining About FBI Investigation

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Who in the world could of seen this coming!?


We all know what happens next. The FBI will hand over a bunch of interviews via 302s, because that’s all they do in this process. Democrats will comb over them and find several sentences that “cast doubt” on Kavanaugh’s innocence or “raise questions.” Pick whatever buzzword you want, it’s all for the same purpose. They’ll likely zero in on Mark Judge specifically, knowing he’s not in the physical or mental shape to testify publicly.


They’ll then demand more time, another hearing with Judge, Jeff Flake will fold over like wet toilet paper, and we’ll be right back to where we are today. It’s a virtual impossibility that the FBI will return a report so clean and so definitive that it won’t give fodder for further calls to delay. As Joe Biden said in 1991, “The FBI does not reach conclusions” on matters such as this.

In the meantime, Creepy Porn Lawyer ™ will get his air time to take a dump in the water while these two former Yale students keep their media tour up, insisting Kavanaugh “lied” about being a heavy drinker (something he never did, he denied having memory lapses). The goal is of course to keep this going past the mid-terms.

All this so Jeff Flake could “feel better.”

The outrage against Flake came after he changed his mind from voting to confirm Kavanaugh to wanting an FBI investigation completed so that he would “feel better.”

“He betrayed the Republican Party and went full-Democrat,” the official said, adding that Flake’s decision to call for an FBI investigation was short-sighted because of how that move puts the vacant Supreme Court seat in jeopardy. “He did not consider how his actions will affect the America that his grandchildren will grow up in and whether they will have the same freedoms that we have today.”


The good news is, we only have to endure Flake for a few more months. The bad news is that his position as spineless crap weasel will be filled by this guy.

Meanwhile, here’s one of the funnier tweets I’ve read on this.

Oh Megan…

I guess there’s something to admire about the naivete of “conservatives” like McArdle (she was calling for a “compromise” delay after the hearing before Flake made it happen). She seems genuinely surprised that the same people who have perpetrated one of the worst political smears in history wouldn’t suddenly act in good faith.

I mean, these are good, honest people who will reward you extending an olive branch, right?

On second thought, nah, there’s nothing admirable about being this naive. At some point, you have to realize that Chris Coons fake crying in the hallway is not your friend. The Democratic party is never going to operate in good faith toward Republicans. All you are doing is rewarding their bad behavior and encouraging more of it.


In the end, you are playing yourself.




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