Failure Theater: Republicans Schedule Public Hearing on Kavanaugh Accusation

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You knew this was coming. Republican Congress, failure is thy middle name.

Republicans have now decided that instead of doing the right thing and scheduling follow-up calls with Kavanaugh and Mrs. Ford to get to the bottom of this, they are going to go full circus with a public hearing. The grandstanding will be the best grandstanding, that I can tell you.

Imagine how this is going to go. Allegations, which have no evidence at all behind them, will now be parroted on national TV for everyone to digest. Democrats will use this time to solidify her claims in the minds of the American people. Whether Kavanaugh is innocent or guilty matters not. He will now forever be besmirched by the 30 second clips that are sure to come from this.

The precedent set here is enormously damaging and dangerous. Regardless of facts, vagueness, inconsistencies, and lack of evidence, any Republican nominee can now be derailed by an eleventh hour allegation and said allegation will now be given a public Senate hearing to lend it undeserved legitimacy. I’m sure that’s going to work out great going forward.

If you think Democrats aren’t going to continue to do this to good men, you are naive. This is a game and Republicans, ever seeking to make Democrats like them, have caved when all they had to do was play this by the book.

Speaking of games, Sen. Feinstein (D-CA) is upset that the scheduled the hearing so soon.

Who here is shocked that Democrats cry foul even when they are given what they want? You can’t win with these people but Republicans, like the nerdy kid in high school, convince themselves that if they give the bully their lunch money enough times, he’ll finally be their friend.

Exactly. It’s hard to overstate the amount of failure theater we are witnessing.