Never Trust Mueller: Special Counsel Recommends Prison for Papadopoulos

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This is just breaking.

Remember when George Papadopoulos had supposedly flipped and was a big key for Mueller against Trump? Not so much.

We now find out that Mueller is in fact recommending up to 6 months in prison for Georgie boy’s good will and cooperation.

What a kick in the gut for Papadopoulos. Mueller gets him to plead guilty, no doubt with a sweetened promise to go easy on him. When he has nothing of note to contribute, Mueller kicks him to the curb, says he didn’t provide anything useful, and recommends prison time.

Just savage. Papadopoulos has got to be asking himself now whether he should of ever plead guilty in the first place.

In the broader picture, this is yet another dead end for Mueller’s virtuous march toward justice. It’s clear this guilty plea turned up nothing and was just a meaningless scalp for an impotent special counsel struggling to validate it’s existence. There’s simply no reason for this to continue. We’ve now wasted tens of millions of dollars to get a few guilty pleas on nobodies who know nothing for process crimes (Mueller gets no credit for Manafort, it has nothing to do with his mandate and the FBI basically handed him the case ready made).

There’s a lesson here. Don’t trust Robert Mueller and hand him easy convictions.

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