Adam Schiff is now Criticizing Transparency from the DOJ

Life has reached a new level of parody for Rep. Adam Schiff (D).

In normal times, you’d think all Congressional members would fully support the executive branch complying with document requests that clearly fall within their purview for oversight.


But nah, it’s 2018 and all decisions must revolve around how much damage they can do to President Trump.

Let’s get to the tweets…

The documents in question have been requested for months. The Congress has every constitutional right to obtain them in their role as oversight. Yet, we have a member of the House intel committee actually decrying the fact that the DOJ is finally going to legally comply.

As an aside, the assertions that lives could be at risk are nonsense. The only reason we know this informant’s name is because the DOJ targeted leaks to the Times and Washington Post in order to get out ahead of this embarrassment. If they were so concerned with his safety, why leak so much information on him to the point where a 5 year old can surmise who he is?

Secondly, the idea that an informant in the Trump campaign could put in danger by being outed is laughable. He wasn’t embedded in Russia or any other hostile foreign state where retaliation might occur. He was spying on a Presidential campaign taking place in the United States.


Donald Trump isn’t going to have this guy nixed. I promise.

Mr. Schiff continues in his next rant…

This is asinine and just a weak attempt at deflection. The President can declassify and/or share anything he wants with Giuliani. It doesn’t have to go through Congress and become public first. The President absolutely “has a right to see the evidence” at any point and can do so. He’s the President.

We are in a weird place in our political discourse where certain factions are making up new branches of government out of whole cloth and assigning them powers that simply do not exist purely because they see political gain in it. Our system was never designed to have certain agencies operate “independently,” outside of normal checks and balances.

This is Schiff playing the same game he played all throughout last year in regards to the collusion investigation. He’s sought to stonewall transparency at every step in the House’s investigations and for clearly partisan reasons. Anytime anything could possibly be seen as helpful to the President, he’s there to whine about it. He’s blocked testimony when it benefits him while he selectively leaks like a sieve to the media when he finds out of context testimony he can spin.


Despite all this, he’s managed to become a cult hero among some anti-Trump mouth pieces simply because they see him as a means to an end to “get” the President.

There is zero reason to side with the DOJ here and assert they can ignore lawful document requests by the Congress. To see a sitting House member actually argue that executive agencies should hold autonomous, unchecked power and not submit to legal oversight isn’t just insane, it’s dangerous.


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