Senate GOP Already Concedes E-Verify in "Dreamer" Bill...Jeff Flake is of Course Involved

If there’s one thing you can count on with the Republican Senate, it’s there ability to put on the best dang failure theater known to man. Mitch McConnell and his merry band of moderates can seemingly take even the most favorable situation and somehow manage to give Democrats 99% of what they want while conceding every major victory.


Today’s show revolves around the upcoming “Dreamer Bill,” being crafted as a response to President Trump’s rescinding of Obama’s (illegal) DACA order.

Keep in mind that Republicans control the House, Senate, and White House. They do not have to pass a Dreamer Bill at all if Democrats don’t play ball. Given that incredible amount of leverage in the face of an opposition party with none, what do Republicans come up with? Via the Politico

But some outlines of an agreement are becoming clearer. For instance, the senators have all but ruled out including a mandatory workplace verification system known as E-Verify in a final DACA agreement, according to multiple lawmakers engaged in the talks.

Yes, the most sensible, effective measure that could be enacted is already off the table. Democrats, who have no leverage to speak of, got Republicans to give up on the only major win that could possibly come out of this. E-Verify is the only way to actually begin to stop illegal immigration. It stops employers from hiring illegals and discourages illegal immigrants from crossing the border in the first place because they know they won’t be able to work. It’s a fair, common sense solution everyone should support. Yet, Republicans didn’t even try to keep it in the bill. No fight, no argument, no give and take. They just punted on it immediately.


Along with getting no E-Verify, we also know a wall isn’t happening in this bill. So what’s left to get for our brilliant deal makers?

Ideas that do remain in contention among this circle of Republicans include beefed-up border security provisions, limiting some chain migration and measures that one senator described as a “down payment” on shifting the U.S. immigration laws into a merit-based system, according to GOP senators.

This is basically like walking into a car dealership, telling the salesman you’ll pay full MSRP, but you want him to throw in a few air fresheners.

“Beefed-up border security provisions” is code for throwing a little more money at the Border Patrol. That’s nice, but you shouldn’t have to trade amnesty for that. That should happen anyway.

Limiting “some” chain migration? You are about to legalize 800k people and the best you can get is limiting “some” chain migration? By the way, those limits only apply until the Dreamers get their citizenship, at which point there will be no legal way to stop them from bringing their relatives in. It’s basically a total fold to mass amnesty, but just delayed eight to ten years.

In the end, Republicans are looking at receiving basically nothing while Democrats get exactly what they want, which is a near limitless amnesty due to chain migration. Take one guess who the vast majority of Dreamers and their families will be voting for. Brilliant strategy here GOP.


Given the level of terrible this bill is shaping up to be, it won’t surprise you when I tell you who’s doing the negotiating.

In an interview, Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas) said the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman, Chuck Grassley of Iowa, has convened a working group on immigration that includes himself and GOP Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Thom Tillis of North Carolina and James Lankford of Oklahoma, as well as other lawmakers. Sens. David Perdue of Georgia and Jeff Flake of Arizona also are among the Republicans who have been engaged in the talks, according to sources.

A venerable A-team of failure. There’s Chuck Grassley, who’s crony capitalism knows no bounds. Lindsey Graham, who’s never met an amnesty he doesn’t love.

And then there’s Jeff Flake. Because of course Jeff Flake is spearheading an amnesty bill as his last hurrah.

Think about how ridiculous that is. This would be the same Sen. Jeff Flake who cited his immigration views as one reason he doesn’t have a home in the GOP anymore. So of course, let’s put a guy who readily admits he doesn’t represent the GOP on immigration in charge of negotiating an immigration bill. Makes total sense, right?

Mitch McConnell’s Senate has reached full parody level.


The next time you want to yell and scream that Steve Bannon is trying to destroy the GOP’s chances in 2018, remember that it was not Steve Bannon who brought us to this point. He’s just taking advantage of the situation.

No, it was politicians like those negotiating this bill, who have so eroded trust in the Republican party over the past decade, that have brought us here. Without their continued failure, there would be no Donald Trump as President and Steve Bannon would still be running a blog from the shadows.





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