Watergate Journo Bob Woodward Belatedly Sounds the Alarm on Biden—Debate Was a 'Political Hydrogen Bomb'

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Bob Woodward is best known for teaming up with fellow journalist Carl Bernstein to pen the seminal investigative tome, “All the President’s Men," which, along with their reporting for the Washington Post in the mid-'70s, helped force former President Richard Nixon to resign over the Watergate affair. 


Since then, he’s written numerous books detailing the inner workings of subsequent administrations, but he usually seems to ignore the foibles of the Democrats while relentlessly criticizing Republican presidents like George W. Bush and Donald Trump.

Woodward has made few headlines investigating the dumpster fire that is Joe Biden’s presidency, which I would argue has been far more harmful to the country than any of Nixon’s escapades. It seems he would rather enjoy the D.C.-Manhattan cocktail circuit and make the occasional CNN appearance to bask in Watergate memories than to actually investigate what's going on in the Oval Office.

Like the New York Times, however, even Bob Woodward had to admit that what we saw out of Joe Biden in Thursday night’s presidential debate was an unmitigated disaster and showed Americans—and the world—that the man is not fit to lead the country:

Longtime Washington Post editor and Watergate reporter Bob Woodward shared serious concerns about President Biden’s dismal debate performance — and likened the president’s fumbling to a “political hydrogen bomb.”

“I think the answer here is in reporting, in seeking very aggressively, an explanation — what happened here?” Woodward, 81, told MSNBC’s Air Melber on Friday.

Woodward said Biden’s debating was “so bad, so awful” that the American people had a right to know what was going on.



What happened, what happened? It was almost impossible.

It’s amazing how many journalists are suddenly acting all surprised by Biden’s decline, seemingly pretending that it’s all a shock and “who could possibly have known?” This is despite the fact that outlets like RedState have been reporting on it for years.

Shocked! Shocked, I tell you!

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Woodward continued:

“We don’t want it to come out in some book or some memoir in a couple of years or a decade. We’d need to know now,” he insisted.

“I sat there and watched it and I could not believe it. I said, not only is this a political hydrogen bomb for him and the Democratic Party, it, you know — what happened? What happened?” the veteran journalist lamented.

Calls for Biden to step out of the race, Woodward explained, are now “inevitable.”

He speculated that the president may have been rattled by a “knock down, drag out fight” with his staff during debate prep.


“We don’t want it to come out in some book or some memoir in a couple of years or a decade,” Woodward said. My question: Then where the hell have you been? Where have all you elite “journalists” been?

I’ll tell you where: selling out this country and denying the truth because you were more interested in your ideology than you were in the future of this nation. Now, suddenly Woodward is “curious”:

“Look, let’s step back. If a building blows up in downtown of some city, the story will be what happened and then the story will be how did this happen, why did this happen? And that’s where I’m very, very curious because this was a mega disaster,” he said.

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Well, Woodward is right now, but if he and Bernstein were really such journalistic heroes, they’d have been reporting on it all along. It was right in front of their faces.



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