Jewish Family Beaten at Brooklyn 5th Grade Graduation: 'Free Palestine!' 'Death to Israel!'

AP Photo/Jens Meyer

As RedState has been reporting, incidents of antisemitism have soared in recent months as pro-Hamas supporters destroy our nation’s campuses, block critical roads and infrastructure, and in general, create as much havoc as possible. And they do so without consequences as the Biden administration and many of our law enforcement institutions turn a blind eye to the epidemic.


The latest ugly episode occurred at a Brooklyn elementary school, where a Jewish family was attacked and beaten by anti-Israel zealots who yelled ”Free Palestine!” “Gaza is Ours!” and “Death to Israel!” as they assaulted the mom and her husband at a graduation ceremony.

What was supposed to be a joyous occasion quickly went south:

The mayhem erupted at PS 682 in Gravesend just after the school’s fifth-grade graduation — which was themed, ironically, “All you need is love.”

Instead, the Jewish woman’s husband was thrown to the ground by members of the other family. One man put him in a chokehold, he said. Others grabbed his legs as they kicked and punched him. One woman repeatedly whacked him with the sharp heel of a black stiletto, the mom told police.

“They targeted my family because we are Jewish,” said the mother, whose 10-year-old twins witnessed the assaults.

“A graduation event that was supposed to be joyous and memorable turned into a violent and traumatizing one.”

We’ve seen so much antisemitism in this country since the Israel-Hamas war broke out on Oct. 7, 2023—and yet participants in the violent mobs never seem to suffer any consequences:


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The latest episode all started when a student tried to turn the peaceful ceremony into a political event:

The graduation ceremony itself was uneventful, but Lana’s mother was upset when one student marched across the stage wearing his graduate cap marked  “Free Palestine” and waving a small Palestinian flag. The grandma walked out.

A school administrator told another parent that the city Department of Education’s legal staff had okayed the display as an expression of free speech.

After the event concluded, Lana and Johan started to take pictures with their two kids in front of a PS 682 banner and balloons when relatives of the boy with the flag tried to push them out of the way, she said.

“We told them there was space for both families,” Lana said. “An older man turned to us and said ‘Free Palestine!’ for no reason. My husband told him this was not the time or place for that but the man cursed at him in Arabic, and shouted, “Free Palestine, Gaza is Ours, Death to Israel.”

While Johan argued with the older man and told him to back off, another man “just came out of nowhere, punched me in the head and it was a scuffle,” he said. “From there, I don’t remember, because there was so much going on and so many people on top of me. Then I was put on a chokehold. Somebody was holding my leg. It was chaotic.”

Their 16-year- old son tried to help his dad, but he was punched in the face.


Both the husband and his wife had to visit the hospital for their injuries. One arrest was made—26-year-old Ez-Al Dean Bazar, who punched Johan—but other than that, it was just another day in New York.

Until the Biden administration and law enforcement take this scourge seriously, we’re just going to keep seeing this kind of stuff.



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