Even ABC Can't Take Elizabeth Warren's Gaslighting About Border: 'What Did the President Do Wrong?'

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) showed up on ABC's "This Week" Sunday and lamely tried to defend President Biden's disastrous performance on the border, to the point where even host Martha Raddatz seemed to have had enough. Not only was Raddatz not buying Warren's pathetic excuses, but she also pointed out that things were better under that Danger to Democracy, former President Donald Trump.


Raddatz got right to the point:

RADDATZ: President Biden, I know he wanted that immigration bill to pass, that bipartisan, but there have been more than 6.9 million apprehensions at the southern border thus far in Biden’s term. There were just over two million in Donald Trump’s entire term. What did the president do wrong?

WARREN: No, this isn’t about what the president did wrong. Remember, on the very first day that he was sworn into office, President Biden asked Congress both for the resources and for comprehensive immigration reform. The Republicans blocked it, blocked it, blocked it, blocked it. Until last fall— 

RADDATZ: But Donald Trump didn’t have that either, Senator. He didn’t have that either and there were two million during his entire term. [Emphases mine.]

Whoa, a network news host actually pushing back on a Democrat. Not something you see very often.



As we've reported extensively, Biden's—and Warren's—continued claims that new legislation is all the president needs to fix the crisis is a head fake. In his first week in office, Biden took a series of executive actions dismantling Trump's border policies, and the results have been horrific. Meanwhile, the bill she refers to that was rejected by Congress was an absolute disaster and would have done little to solve the problem.

But gaslighting is what Warren does best. You knew this was coming: it's Donald Trump's fault!

Donald Trump has said to block congressional action because he wants more chaos at the border. He wants as much division as possible in this country. He wants to turn us against immigrants who are here, who help support this country, who make it stronger. Donald Trump is doing everything he can to advance Donald Trump and to undercut the United States of America. Biden is taking the resources available and trying to keep our nation knitted together and trying to give us border security and a pathway to citizenship.

The reality:

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Warren babbled on, but you get the point—nothing is ever Joe Biden's fault, and even though he's overseen the worst border crisis in modern times, it's somehow Trump and the GOP's fault. It's such a shameless narrative—one that even a liberal ABC host has apparently had enough of. 



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