'Abuse of Power': Yet Another Federal Judge Blocks Biden's Extreme Efforts to Corrupt Title IX

AP Photo/Darren Abate

Title IX, the landmark 1972 statute that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in an educational institution's programs or activities, was seen for almost 50 years as a powerful protection for women’s sports and for females in the halls of academia.

But then along came Joe Biden, whose attempts to bastardize the meaning and original intent of the measure, and basically erase women from sports, have outraged female athletes, attorneys general in multiple states, and the public at large.

In yet another blow to Biden’s polarizing attempts to include “gender-affirming identity” as a factor in Title IX issues, a federal judge on Thursday blocked the administration’s changes and called them a "threat to democracy."

A federal judge has blocked President Biden's expansion of Title IX in four states, calling the mandatory gender identity protections an "abuse of power."

U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty granted a preliminary injunction on Thursday, and referred to the Biden administration's unilateral Title IX changes as a "threat to democracy."

"This case demonstrates the abuse of power by executive federal agencies in the rulemaking process," Doughty said in his ruling. "The separation of powers and system of checks and balances exist in this country for a reason." [Emphasis mine.]

Former University of Kentucky swimming star Riley Gaines, who was forced to compete in her college career against 6’ 2” biological male Lia Thomas, said the ruling indicated that change was afoot:

Gaines knows what she's talking about:

Star Kentucky Swimmer: Nomination of Lia Thomas for NCAA Woman of the Year Is ‘Yet Another Slap in the Face to Women’

Star Swimmer Riley Gaines Blasts Biological Males in Women's Sports, 'I Was Reduced to a Photo Op'

This is just the latest win against Biden’s radical attempts to use Title IX as a weapon in the cultural war. As RedState’s Becky Noble reported, another federal judge on Tuesday knocked back Biden's new rules in Texas, after state Attorney General Ken Paxton sued:

Texas Judge Slaps Down Biden's Title IX Expansion for Transgender Students

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) and Louisiana Attorney General Liz Murrill applauded Thursday's win:

RedState has brought you numerous examples of females getting injured by biological males, being forced to compete in patently unfair contests, and being exposed to male genitalia in their locker rooms. It’s amazing that we’re at the point where such things even need to be discussed—until very recently, suggesting that it was OK to have full-grown men playing on female sports teams and lounging around naked in their private spaces would have gotten you tossed out of the room. Judge Doughty seemed to acknowledge as much, noting that Biden bastardized the original intent of the statute and that its supporters had no such thing in mind when they passed it: 

Doughty ruled that the changes were inadmissible because the term "gender discrimination" as used in the establishment of Title IX "only included discrimination against biological males and females at the time of enactment." [Emphasis mine.]

It’s not surprising to me that Biden has been a terrible president—he was an awful candidate, and we could already see in 2020 that he was starting to get incoherent—but I admit that it’s been a shock to witness the extreme left turn he took upon taking office. I never thought I’d see an octogenarian "leader" gleefully holding court in the Oval Office with a man cosplaying as a little girl (Bud Light destroyer Dylan Mulvaney). 

But he’s just plain morally wrong on this one—males have no business in female sports or their personal spaces. Polls show the American people agree, and it’s satisfying to see that, in this case at least, our system of checks and balances is working. Federal judges are telling Biden just what to do with this radical ideology—stuff it.



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