Media Drums Up Another Fake Controversy With 'Milwaukee Is a Horrible City' Garbage

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You probably remember bloodbathgate, when Democrats and the media went psycho over Donald Trump using the term “bloodbath” in a speech. Predictably, they tried to get everyone outraged by claiming that the former president was predicting violence in the streets should he lose the presidential election.

The only problem with the story? Trump was talking about the auto industry and the shellacking it was taking under Biden’s presidency. Biden still uses the fraudulent narrative in his campaign materials to this day.

Well, now they’re losing it again, this time over a comment the former president allegedly made to Republican leaders in Washington, D.C., Thursday. “Milwaukee... is a horrible city,” he supposedly claimed, trashing the site of the July GOP convention.

Headlines were quickly pumped out:

Politico: Wisconsin Dems tear into Trump after he reportedly called Milwaukee ‘a horrible city’

CNBC: Trump allies scramble to explain after he calls Republican National Convention host Milwaukee a ‘horrible’ city

The New Republic: Milwaukee Mayor Hilariously Shreds Trump for “Horrible City” Comment

MSNBC: Trump reportedly calls Milwaukee 'horrible' in 'long ramble' to GOP lawmakers: source

There are a few problems with this narrative: For starters, there were no journalists in the room, no transcript has been released, and no recordings have been made, so how do we know what he really said? We have to rely on anonymous sources, some of whom might have a beef with Trump. Sure, they’re all supposed to be Republicans, but politics is a contact sport.

Another problem is that Trump argues that—like with the bloodbath comments—his "Milwaukee is horrible” statement is being taken totally out of context.

Former President Trump doesn’t think Milwaukee itself is “horrible,” but the crime in the city is, his campaign clarified Thursday, after reports circulated that he dissed the site of the upcoming Republican National Convention.

Dylan Johnson, a Trump campaign spokesperson, called the situation “a desperate attempt to get likes” on social media and noted no reporters were in the room where the former president met with Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill — and allegedly took aim at the city.

It’s yet another made-up story, Johnson alleged:

“It’s a total lie,” Johnson said in a statement that included links to GOP members who defended Trump. “President Trump was explicitly referring to the problems in Milwaukee, specifically violent crime and voter fraud.”

Republicans who were in the room also slammed the phony coverage, saying that it was clearly slanted in a way that was misleading:

Wisconsin Republicans leapt to Trump’s defense, refuting the insinuation that Trump had trashed the Badger State’s most populous city.

Rep. Derrick Van Orden (R-Wis.) wrote “Lies busy [sic] omission” in response to Punchbowl’s social media post.

“@realDonaldTrump was specifically referring to the crime the CRIME RATE in Milwaukee,” Van Orden posted on the social platform X, adding a screenshot of a 2023 news article that said the city ranks third for violent crimes nationwide.

Naturally, Joe Biden didn’t care that the news was fake and his campaign team immediately attempted to fundraise off it. Gross.

The administration has continually blathered on about the dangers of misinformation, and Biden even tried to set up a "Disinformation Governance Board," yet nine times out of ten, it’s them and their fellow Democrats spewing it out.

We’ve seen it all before

Media Fail Compilation: 'Bloodbath' Headlines in Lockstep With DNC Talking Points

Expect much more of this nonsense as Trump continues to lead Biden in the polls and the president keeps stumbling and bumbling. As my colleague Sister Toldjah wrote Thursday in her story about a different journalistic fail, “You might think you despise the media enough, but you truly don't.”



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