Byron Donalds Explains the Most Convincing Pieces of Evidence Showing Biden Family Influence-Peddling

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Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) appeared on "Sunday Morning Futures" with Maria Bartiromo to explain the most serious evidence against the Biden Crime Family and their attempts to profit off Joe Biden's name and official position.


We now know that Hunter Biden did bring Joe Biden to this dinner at Cafe Milano. It has been talked about in various deposition transcripts from Tony Bobulinski to Devin Archer. When we asked Hunter Biden, he couldn't recall. 

You have the text message famously about requesting money from Chairman Zhao. The money showed up a week later. Hunter Biden, under oath, said he was high, can't remember the text message. 

But photos from the laptop from hell demonstrate that he actually was at Joe Biden's house on the day that the text message was sent. So you have Hunter Biden contradicting himself. That's evidence piece number one.

He also spoke about the two-tiered justice system in today's America, where Biden got a free pass despite having piles of classified documents in his garage and other locations:


Donalds continued, pointing out the inconsistencies in the Biden family's stories and Joe's willful violation of the law:

Evidence piece number two is the fact that you have money that flows to Jim Biden on the same day checks are cut to Joe Biden, and then there's calling it a loan, but there are no loan documents that exist. That's number two. 

And then number three, and most importantly, I think, if you're talking impeachment, Joe Biden has woefully violated immigration law in the United States. He has also violated Supreme Court ruling when it comes to student loans, and he does it with impunity. 

So, I believe it's partly the oversight investigation, but it's also the willfulness of Joe Biden to ignore the Supreme Court and to not faithfully take care to execute the laws of the United States when it comes to border security.

Donalds has been busy this Sunday morning eviscerating President Biden's failed leadership:


He firmly endorsed former President Donald Trump in his race to recapture the presidency:

America is the greatest nation in the world. We can do SIGNIFICANTLY better. It's time to make Donald Trump our president.

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