Trump Appeals $450M NY State Fraud Judgment, Calls Out 'Fake Political Prosecutions'

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Donald Trump and his sons have appealed the stupefying $454 million (including interest) New York civil fraud judgment determined by Judge Arthur Engoron. The former president was accused of inflating the value of his assets to obtain better financing and deals for his properties.


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It is unclear as of this writing whether Trump has posted bond, which according to law could require the full amount of the massive fine. Trump and his lawyers argued that the judge clearly overstepped his bounds:

The former president’s lawyers filed notices of appeal Monday asking the state’s mid-level appeals court to overturn Judge Arthur Engoron’s Feb. 16 verdict in Attorney General Letitia James’ lawsuit and reverse staggering penalties that threaten to wipe out Trump’s cash reserves.

Trump’s lawyers wrote in court papers that they’re asking the appeals court to decide whether Engoron “committed errors of law and/or fact” and whether he abused his discretion or “acted in excess” of his jurisdiction.

Although there were no victims in the former president's alleged "crimes," and no banks or other creditors claiming they were victimized, Judge Engoron nevertheless ordered the seemingly vindictive penalty and also ordered that Trump and sons could not do business in the state for three years.


Engoron found that Trump, his company and top executives, including his sons Eric and Donald Trump Jr., schemed for years to deceive banks and insurers by inflating his wealth on financial statements used to secure loans and make deals. Among other penalties, the judge put strict limitations on the ability of Trump’s company, the Trump Organization, to do business.

The appeal ensures that the legal fight over Trump’s business practices will persist into the thick of the presidential primary season, and likely beyond, as he tries to clinch the Republican presidential nomination in his quest to retake the White House.

The judgment was so extraordinary that both liberals and conservatives alike were stunned:


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Trump took to his social media platform Truth Social to vent:

Although Trump refers to the Department of Justice in his above post, he also very clearly points out that he also means the "DOJ['s] subservient 'subsidiaries' like local D.A. & A.G. Offices."


If this appeal is unsuccessful, the former president still would have options -- he could attempt to take the matter up with the Court of Appeals, the state’s highest court.

Meanwhile, anti-Trump crusader NY State Attorney General Letitia James continues on her quest to do anything to "get" the GOP front-runner for the presidential nomination:


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This case has always seemed like an obvious political vendetta -- the kind you see in banana republics and dictatorships. If there's any justice left in New York State, they will toss or seriously lower this obscene fine.



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