California Crazy: Woman Who Stabbed Date 108 Times—Killing Him—Gets Only 100 Hours of Community Service

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I live in California and frequently write about its crime problems stemming from disastrous progressive policies like Proposition 47—which changed a slew of offenses from felonies to misdemeanors—and woke George Soros-backed district attorneys like LA's George Gascón.


But even my jaw dropped when I heard about this judge's decision in Ventura County.

Bryn Spejcher, now 33, got high on marijuana in 2018, stabbed her boyfriend over a hundred times, knifed her dog and then herself, and yet received no jail time because defense experts deemed that she experienced "cannabis-induced psychosis"—a conclusion which the judge amazingly agreed with.

To put it bluntly, this is absolute lunacy. Or, to be even more to the point, this is bat guano crazy. 

The details are mind-boggling:

Despite ingesting a single toke of a standard pot leaf, Spejcher was launched into an extended rage, stabbing the 26-year-old accountant 108 times.

Lawyers for Spejcher, an audiologist, argued that she wasn’t responsible for the bloody slaying because of her intoxicated state.

The Ventura County District Attorney initially charged Spejcher with manslaughter, before a new DA downgraded the rap to involuntary manslaughter. [Emphasis mine.]

The lesser charge carried a maximum term of five years.

But Ventura County Superior Court Judge David Worley declined to impose any jail time, instead opting for two years of probation and community service.


Turns out California isn't just a sanctuary state—it's also a No Consequences state.

This is BS and a sign of why the Golden State is in such decline. Get drunk and plow over pedestrians and try claiming that you were in a booze-induced psychosis; it's not going to go well for you. But get high on some pot and go psycho? Meh, not that big of a deal.

Also, imagine if some weirdo dude got stoned and did this to a woman—think he'd get community service?

People frequently ask, why has crime become such a problem? Because with progressive DAs, horrible laws like Prop 47, and activist judges, too many in America have lost the plot.

See: Unrepentant: George Soros Vows to Continue Backing Woke Prosecutors Despite the Lives They’ve Ruined

Sean O'Melia, the grieving father of the victim, is a bigger person than I am. Watch this heart-rending interview where he said he could forgive his son's killer if only she would take responsibility:

However, O'Melia was also outraged by the judge's ruling and ripped the message it sent to society at large: 


“She was given a free pass for murder,” he said. “I’ll say this without reservation. The judge was biased the whole time, during the whole case. And he proved it with this sentence.”

“My son did nothing to that girl,” he said. “He showed her nothing but kindness. She is the one that asked for it...”

“We’re just so angry, so disappointed,” he said. “There was no justice here...”

“That judge just gave everyone in this state the license to kill,” he said.

Indeed, that's exactly the takeaway. Take drugs, commit a heinous crime, and pay little consequence because it's the drug's fault, not yours. It's this kind of thinking that's caused over 818,000 Californians to ditch the state between 2021 and 2022 and part of the reason why businesses, including Tesla, Oracle, Boingo, McAfee, Chevron, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Fico, and hundreds of others have fled for greener (safer) pastures.

It's now come to the point where you can commit cold-blooded murder and pay almost no price. 

The mainstream media will mostly ignore this story because it doesn't fit their narrative. Big Tech will probably do its best to censor those who do cover it because that seems to be their job function these days.

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