Happening Now: Climate Crazies Disrupt U.S. Open, One Glues Himself to Floor

(AP Photo/Mike Groll, File)

The climate zealots are at it again, this time interrupting a crucial tennis match at the U.S. Open in Queens, New York. Coco Gauff and Karlina Muchova were facing off in a semifinal match when protesters with the words "End Fossil Fuels" interrupted, with one gluing his bare feet to the floor of Arthur Ashe Stadium.


Here’s that genius:

U.S. Open tournament referee Jake Gardner had to come out onto the court, and fans cheered as security guards went into the stands and removed at least two of the miscreants.

Of course, the protesters chanted some unintelligible nonsense, because that’s what climate protesters like to do:

The players mostly were unfazed, with Gauff sitting on the bench eating fruit. She eventually got up to hit practice serves. Muchova was visited by a trainer. The pair headed back to the locker room as they waited for the fracas to be dealt with. 

They were in the second set with Gauff 6-4, 1-0 when play was halted. U.S. Open Tennis wrote on their X account Thursday night:

RedState has covered idiots like this before:

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As we've noted in some of these stories, annoyed commuters and other citizens are starting to fight back and often are forcibly removing protesters from roads and other public places. It's only a matter of time before there's a serious incident.

I'm also at a loss to determine what exactly they think they're going to accomplish—do they really think that by pissing off people who probably have paid a pretty penny to attend a tennis match, it's going to have the slightest effect on the climate? Or that by defacing a priceless Van Gogh, they rally people to their cause? They do nothing but make fools out of themselves.

Play eventually resumed after a 50-minute delay, and U.S. Open Tennis posted this just minutes ago:



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