Emails Show Biden Admin KNEW Vaccines Didn't Stop COVID as Early as January 2021

Greg Nash/Pool via AP

The COVID pandemic was traumatizing for many people for so many reasons: illness, of course, loneliness due to lockdowns, ruined businesses, learning and developmental loss for kids, and much, much more.


But of all the failed, draconian governmental responses, the mRNA vaccine mandates arguably caused the most harm—feuding families were destroyed, friendships ruined, and millions either bent the knee and unwillingly got a shot or got fired. Meanwhile, an untold number experienced significant health issues from the untested technology.

Despite all this, the Biden administration pushed the jabs relentlessly and endlessly waxed poetic about the magic of mRNA, which they claimed would pull the nation out of the crisis. Biden and his flunkies condemned any American who questioned the narrative and insisted that you would not get the virus if you got the vax and that a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” was to blame for our inability to eradicate it.

The only problem with all this: it wasn’t true—and they knew it.

Emails obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA) show that then CDC Director Rochelle Walensky and former NIH Director Francis Collins discussed “breakthrough cases” of COVID in January 2021 — just when the vaccines were being rolled out widely to the public.


In the January 2021 email, Walensky clearly admits that the jabs weren’t working as advertised (bolding mine):

I had a call with Francis Collins this morning and one of the issues we discussed was that of vaccine breakthroughs.

This is clearly an important area of study…

Yes, it was an important area of study, one which they neglected. For anyone who questioned the vaccines, however, they were quickly censored by Big Tech at the direction of the administration. Careers and reputations were destroyed. Meanwhile, Walensky was singing a different tune to the American people:

However, in public, Walensky was saying something quite different. Two months after discussing this data, she said vaccinated people “don’t carry the virus” and “don’t get sick.” In a congressional hearing, after it became clear people were able to get infected with COVID even after receiving the vaccine, she defended her original statements by claiming it was true at the time she said it — namely, for the strands we were dealing with in early 2021.

We now know that was not true and that Walensky herself knew it was not true.

Dr. Houman Hemmati, a vocal critic of the governmental response to the pandemic, was disgusted:


Turns out Walensky even knew about the breakthroughs weeks earlier:

Nancy and I discussed this briefly a few weeks ago and I understand [redacted.]

So did former Chief Medical Advisor to the White House and vaccine fanatic Dr. Anthony Fauci know? Yes:

Should we discuss? What is the best next step forward? Francis is also discussing with Tony.

Many of us knew early on that much of what we were being told by the Biden administration and Fibbin’ Fauci simply was not true. We knew because we had eyes and brains. This latest email is just further proof that they were knowingly spreading misinformation the entire time.

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