Team DeSantis Issues 'Digital Postcard' Ripping Blue State Governors' Disastrous COVID Policies

Team DeSantis issues a digital postcard to blue state governors. (Credit: Team DeSantis)

Team DeSantis issued a blistering “digital postcard” to blue state governors Friday evening brutally mocking their disastrous COVID policies including endless lockdowns, ineffective mask mandates, and forced vaccinations. The ad is funny, but it also previews how DeSantis would differentiate himself from Democrats and even other Republicans should he decide to run in the 2024 presidential election.


The tweet starts with an introduction that pretty much tells you what’s coming:

Dear Blue State Governors,

Here’s an update on the former residents that fled your failing states and found refuge in the Free (and Thriving) State of Florida.

Sincerely, Team DeSantis


The video begins with a female narrator intoning over images of California Governor Gavin Newsom, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, and Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker:

Dear Democrat Governors, now that your boss in the White House has finally admitted COVID is over, we wanted to send an update on the new Florida residents who fled your disastrous policies since the pandemic began. Without your lockdowns, vaccine mandates and devastating school closures, our new residents have been greatly enjoying the restored freedoms.

The spot then goes on to lambaste those governors for hypocritically visiting the Sunshine State even while publicly blasting its COVID policies and demanding that their own residents lock themselves up at home:


“We know you also enjoyed a taste of Florida’s freedom on your own lockdown getaway here,” the narrator said, poking fun at Dem pols like AOC and Whitmer who went down south even while urging other to stay put.

She then pointed out that while blue states like California and New York are experiencing population declines as people flee crime, high expenses, and dictatorial governors, Florida’s population has been steadily on the rise:

“But unlike you, your former residents are staying for good. Perhaps the millions of illegal migrants you’re encouraging to come across the border can find a new home in your alleged sanctuary,” the narrator said. “We’re happy to fly them your way.”


The ad is extremely funny, in my opinion, but it’s also important because we must never forget how draconian and power-drunk many leaders—mostly Democrats—became during the height of the pandemic. Living in a blue state (California), I experienced firsthand the devastation insane policies wrought upon the state’s children, its businesses, its seniors, and its very psyche. My family actually escaped to Florida for a bit in search of a little sanity in the summer of ’21, and it was like a different universe—people walking around smiling, going about their lives, not looking like haunted prisoners the way so many people did back in the Golden State.


We must never forget how Whitmer banned seeds, while the Malibu police department arrested a lone surfboarder, and San Clemente filled in a skateboard park with sand. We must not forget that Newsom dined at one of the most expensive restaurants in the country, the French Laundry, while we were all told to go hide in our bedrooms.

The list of transgressions by Democrat leaders goes on, and on. DeSantis is dead on target with this postcard—he was right while so many of them were wrong.


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