'King of Late Night' Greg Gutfeld Gets a Super Bowl Ad

Fox News late-night host Greg Gutfeld's Super Bowl promo. (Credit: Fox Nation)

Conservative comedian and host Greg Gutfeld has been tearing it up in the ratings with his late-night Fox News show “Gutfeld!” Now, the network is rewarding him with a 15-second promo during its upcoming February 12 Super Bowl broadcast.


This is literally the network putting its money where its mouth is—they could have sold the airtime for $3.5 million to an advertiser.

Instead, they’re banking that the massive exposure for Gutfeld will lead to an even further jump in the ratings for the show, whose regular guests include columnist/comedienne Kat Timpf and the wrestler Tyrus. The ad shows the three in royal garb, with Gutfeld sitting on a throne holding a staff. The tagline at the end reads, “THE NEW KING OF LATE NIGHT.”

Take a look:


The ad is pretty funny—as soon as Gutfeld says, “Hello America!” a buzzer sounds and someone offscreen says, “that’s a wrap.” Gutfeld looks around in confusion and blurts, “What?!” The offscreen voice says, “sorry, these ads are pricey.”

It shows that Gutfeld doesn’t take himself too seriously and likes to have fun instead of just lecturing all the time like most of the other late-night hosts on television. It’s also a nod to the fact that this is pretty expensive, and Fox wants you to know that they’re strongly backing Gutfeld by giving him this spot.

There’s also a slightly different 20-second version that will air on Fox News which showcases a bit more of the regular guests:



The Hollywood Reporter explains “house” ads and why they would give one to Gutfeld:

The broadcast networks that host the Super Bowl all run “house” ads for their own brands (be it a show, a streaming service or movie), but usually only a few internal projects make the cut, given the high-profile nature of the event. Usually a company will prioritize what it charging other marketers, in this case as much as $7 million for 30-second ad spots.

The choice to promote Gutfeld! suggests that Fox sees the show as a priority at the corporate level, and one with potential crossover appeal to the non-Fox News viewers who may be watching the game.

Viewership for the Super Bowl could reach as high as 100 million, so this is a huge audience for the breakout star. His ratings have already defied expectations, and he regularly beats network TV shows:

The tagline is a reference to Gutfeld’s TV ratings, which during both the 2022 TV season and January 2023 were second only to CBS’ Late Show With Stephen Colbert in total viewers, beating NBC’s Tonight Show and ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. Gutfeld also beat Colbert from August to December 2022, suggesting that he could soon overtake the broadcast competition.


Gutfeld himself seems excited by the opportunity, tweeting Wednesday:

It’s truly refreshing to see a conservative host reach such an audience and dominate woke-scolds like Kimmell and Colbert, who are about as funny as a DNC convention.

I’m most interested to see if the liberals watching the game will be triggered and whether arguments will start in households across the nation.



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