Adam Schiff Whines Over Trump's Reinstatement to Facebook, Demands More Censorship

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Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) whipped off a furious letter Monday to social media giant Meta, parent of Facebook and Instagram, demanding to know why Former President Donald Trump was being reinstated to both platforms and openly calling for the company to be more aggressive in censoring users.


Even after all we’ve seen in the last few years, it’s still shocking to see top-ranking Democrats advocating for American citizens to have their free speech rights taken away.

Here was Schiff back in December 2022 attempting to bully Meta before they made their decision:

In the letter, addressed to Meta President of Global Affairs Nick Clegg, the censorious pair wrote:

“Based on Meta’s previous statements on standards for allowing Trump back on the platform, his account should not have been reinstated,” Schiff and Whitehouse wrote in a letter to Clegg Monday, claiming that Trump has “continued to post harmful election content on Truth Social that would likely violate Facebook’s policies, and we have every reason to believe he will bring similar conspiratorial rhetoric back to Facebook, too.”

They added: “How Facebook could reinstate his account, given all the additional content on Truth Social that would likely have resulted in a brand-new suspension if it were on your platform, is inexplicable.” [Emphasis mine.]


George Washington Law School professor Jonathan Turley weighed in with a quick-witted tweet:

What’s “inexplicable” to me is why these two think they have any moral authority in this or any other arena. Schiff is a serial liar who was just called out for his inability to tell the truth on CNN last weekend, spent the better part of Trump’s presidency hawking a made-up, tinfoil-hat Russia collusion conspiracy theory, and was just dinged with an ethics complaint. The list goes on, but if you’ve watched Adam, you know why many call him “Shifty Schiff.”

(My colleague Sister Toldjah wrote in a headline Sunday, “Adam Schiff Slithers Onto CNN Set…” Now that, folks, sums him up perfectly!)

Sheldon Whitehouse has his own issues, promising in 2006 that he would quit his all-white beach club; not only did he not quit, but he gave his shares in the club to his wife and hoped nobody would notice. He also was one of the worst actors in the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings—which I believe will go down as one of the more shameful proceedings in our nation’s history—and obsessed over things like “boofing,” drinking games, and farting. He had no problem spreading all sorts of “misinformation,” and yet is not calling for himself to be censored. He even promoted a fake claim about Kavanaugh committing rape on a boat in Rhode Island.


Yet here they are, the un-dynamic duo, unashamed of their hypocrisy, issuing vague threats to Meta, and calling for flat-out censorship:

“[W]e believe that part of Meta’s commitment to election integrity should be ensuring that those who maintain the unfounded, dangerous narrative of the 2020 election are not allowed or encouraged to spread the lie in any form,” they wrote. [Emphasis mine.]

“It is not clear in this decision where Meta will draw the line ‘between content that is harmful and should be removed, and content that, however distasteful or inaccurate, is part of the rough and tumble of life in a free society’ and we would greatly appreciate further clarity on this matter.”

Jonathan Turley tweeted that he was not surprised, given the history of the Deceiving Duo:

Sen. Whitehouse and Rep. Schiff have been two of the most anti-free speech voices in Congress. Thus, it is not surprising that they find a company deciding in favor of free speech to be “inexplicable.”

I’m often awed by the gall many politicians have. Both members of this two-faced twosome have been caught in repeated half-truths, lies, and deceptions, yet they want Facebook/Instagram to crack down on Trump—and YOU—if anyone says anything that’s not on their approved list of thoughts.


If there is a “danger to democracy,” it’s politicians like these two miscreants.


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