Why Are We so Polarized? 'Blindspot' Shows How Americans Are Living in Completely Different Realities

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Have you ever spoken to someone with opposing views and noticed how they are operating with totally different information than you are? Have you ever mentioned the Hunter Biden laptop from hell to a liberal and had them say, “what are you even talking about?”

Turns out it’s not your imagination. If you rely on the New York Times for your data, your worldview is profoundly different than that of your average Fox News viewer. It’s not just that the opinions are different; it’s that the underlying facts you’re being delivered are in total contrast.

A site called Ground News has a section called Blindspot which illuminates which sources report on particular stories. The disparity is startling. Take the story, “[California Governor] Newsom sued over COVID ‘misinformation’ law that doctors say tramples the First Amendment.”

I and others at RedState have covered this censorious, awful law (AB 2098), but if you’re an MSNBC fan, you’ve probably never heard of it. According to Blindspot, a whopping 83 percent of right-leaning publications reported on the bill, 17 percent of center-leaning sites, and… wait for it… ZERO PERCENT of left-leaning news sources.

Similarly, the story of flags falling over Saturday at a John Fetterman campaign event went viral on the right (100 percent coverage), while the left ignored it completely (zero percent.) Some of the news sources Blindspot considers right are RedState, Fox News, and Breitbart, while they deem the Washington Post, ABC News, NBC News, and the like to be left of center. They even have a search feature where you can check an outlet to see their bias rating.

This isn’t to say that the right reports everything either. A New York Times hit piece running in liberal outfits claiming that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was mean to black students when he was a teacher over 20 years ago has been written about by 100 percent of the leftist outlets—but by zero percent of center and right-leaning sources.

We are literally living in different worlds.

Interestingly, I’ve been writing about the death of late-night comedy because the hosts are so one-sided politically that they’ve forgotten actual humor entirely. This finding would seem to bear me out:

I try to keep a balanced “news diet,” because A) I think it’s important to know what the other side is thinking, and B) I want to constantly test my own beliefs by seeing what different people are saying. I will check out Fox News to see what’s going on, but I’ll also stop in at CNN and MSNBC to peruse what they’re peddling. However, most people don’t have the time or the inclination to do that.

I’m not judging; people didn’t feel they had to do that in the past. They felt that if they were watching Walter Cronkite, or CNN in the ’90s, they were getting straight news and didn’t have to worry about whether it was accurate. We felt safe in knowing that it was authentic. We didn’t have Russia’s Pravda, for crying out loud, or North Korea’s propaganda newspaper, Rodong Sinmun. (Click on the link. The adoring coverage of “Respected Comrade Kim Jong-un” would be hysterical if it wasn’t so scary.)

Nowadays, we’re not so lucky, because the Washington Post, CNN, and the New York Times are just as likely to try and gaslight you as they are to deliver you straightforward information. To be fair, there are whacko sites on the right that you can’t trust either; some will quickly print any conspiracy theory or unconfirmed story they come across. (RedState is not one of those sources; our team of writers and editors works hard to ensure accuracy, and in the rare event that we get something wrong, we quickly admit and correct it.)

For instance, I am not saying here I can vouch for every single one of Blindspot’s claims. I can assert, however, that they seem to back them up, and that their findings align with what I myself see in news coverage.

When you’re sitting across from Uncle Bill at the Thanksgiving table, and he’s looking at you like you just arrived from Mars, it’s not (necessarily) that he’s stupid. It might be that he’s been fed a steady ration of “information” from MSNBC and liberal newspapers, which simply refuse to cover many topics—so he has no idea what you’re talking about.

While right-leaning media is far from perfect and has its share of bad actors, I contend that it’s the corporatist, sometimes called “legacy,” media that is to blame for the disconnect in our country. They fanned the flames of a false “Russia collusion” conspiracy for years, and they routinely ignore stories on violence, illegal immigration, and other subjects that might shine a negative light on their Democrat partners in crime. If there’s collusion to be found, it’s between today’s dominant news outlets and the party that identifies as donkeys.

I’ve had experience with actual donkeys, and they’re stubborn, and mean, and will kick you in the teeth if you give them half a chance. Just sayin’.


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