Michael Moore Predicts 'Roevember' Election, Thinks We Should Let Dems Pass Legislation to 'See How It Works Out'

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House Speaker (For the Moment) Nancy Pelosi once said, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” Filmmaker and Democrat activist Michael Moore has a similar idea of how government should work, telling The Guardian:


Aren’t you tired of nothing getting done? All this deadlock bullshit. One way to undo this logjam is to give Democrats a chance to pass legislation and let’s see how it works out. Maybe it won’t work.

Maybe they’ve got bad ideas. But no idea and no decision is paralyzing and hurts the country. If we talk like that, talk normal, that could be a huge help.

Moore has been busy emailing out his daily Substack series “Mike’s Midterm Tsunami of Truth” Campaign describing how—despite the evidence—he thinks Democrats will win big in the midterms.

Maybe the Democrats have got some ideas, he says in the quote above, basically asserting that we should pass more pie-in-the-sky free-spending laws and hope for the best. There’s some brilliant logic for you. The problem is, we already know their ideas—they’re currently being tried all over the county in deep blue, Democrat-run areas. We see them in action every single day.

I could bury you with crime statistics, inflation numbers, homelessness figures, COVID response consequences, and so much more… and yet there’s one fact that sums up everything: people are fleeing Democrat hotbeds like New York and California in record numbers.


We’ve seen Democrat policies, and we’ve seen the resulting devastation in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and here where I live, Los Angeles. There’s no need Mr. Moore, to just throw a few more terrible ideas out there and “see how it works out.”

The divisive Michigan-born director of “Bowling for Columbine” and other documentaries also has a contrarian view of the midterms: while most see at the very least moderate Republican gains, Moore sees a blue wave. He thinks that Americans are all-consumed by one topic—abortion—to the point that they will forget inflation, crime, immigration, and all the other issues plaguing the nation because they’re just not as important.

He’d like to see a “Roevember:”

Moore’s view could be discounted, but in fairness, he was one of the few on his side (or on ours, frankly) who correctly predicted that Trump would win in 2016. The Guardian reports:


Moore insists he’s not simply being provocative in predicting a Democrat landslide. “I’m sixty-eight and I don’t have time to mess around. I’m deadly serious.”

That being said, most of the polls are showing that abortion is not the highest priority of voters in this election; instead, they’re rightly focused on quality-of-life issues and the economy. I find it a bit macabre that so many like Moore focus their lives on making sure terminating pregnancies becomes even more widespread than it already is, but I don’t think most Americans think that way. Right now, we’ve got more important issues at hand—and as we watch the country crumble under Joe Biden’s leadership it’s not the time to try more Democratic legislation and “see what happens.”

Moore was right in 2016 in predicting a Trump victory. This time, he is profoundly wrong.


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