Exclusive: Witness at Matt Walsh Rally Details Hysterical Protesters Failing to Shout Down Speakers

Matt Walsh's Rally to End Child Mutilation. (Credit: Roxanne Hoge)

Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh held “The Rally to End Child Mutilation” in Nashville, Tennessee Friday, and RedState had a source on the ground. Ok, I gotta be honest, it was my wife Roxanne, who happened to be in the area on unrelated business but decided to stop by. (We could be the next Mika and Joe.)


Walsh, who caused a big stir with his documentary “What Is A Woman,” recently exposed that the Vanderbilt University Medical Center was profiting hugely off gender-altering—often irreversible—treatments and surgeries for minors. The Center temporarily has halted such operations after outcry from the general public and Tennessee lawmakers. As Mike Miller reported, 80 percent of voters oppose gender “reassignment” surgery on children, so this is an important issue.

Our source described how the event drew unhinged, hysterical protesters who tried to disrupt the speakers—but were expertly silenced by a great sound system, stepped-up security, and blaring music. It was a lesson in how to deal with deranged activists.

She said the agitators literally did not stop shrieking the entire time, and that some engaged in bizarre primal screams. They also continually flipped the bird at speakers and chanted “eff you” through bullhorns. Totally normal behavior, right?

Course language ahead, naturally:

Self-described “Freedom Warrior” and event emcee Landon Starbuck wasn’t having it. “We will not be drowned out by hateful, bigoted people,” she said from the stage as she opened the rally. But these folks just kept screaming:


Roxanne’s take: “Impotent hysterics shrieked into the wind while normal people had an event.” That about sums it up. She also said that many unfriendlies, many decked out in neck gaiters, all-black clothing, and sometimes even tactical gear, looked “itching to fight,” but they couldn’t even get into shouting matches at the event’s conclusion because organizers cranked up the tunes. I love it. The police presence was also quite large, so she did not witness any violence thankfully.

Despite the hysterics, the event continued unabated. Recent Democrat party escapee Tulsi Gabbard was there:

Among the things Matt Walsh said in his opening and closing remarks:

“We are here to protect our children.”

“We are here fighting for truth. The other side supports mutilating and drugging kids. They’re affirming confusion and despair. ”

“Medically transitioning is not about human rights. It’s about money.”

“This is a battle of good versus evil. We are in this for the long haul. Thank you and God bless.”

I closed a piece on the Vanderbilt University Medical Center earlier this month with this:


In today’s America, you aren’t supposed to question what you’re told, and right now there are many voices claiming that irreversible surgeries on minors are perfectly normal. As anyone who has ever been a teen or raised one knows, adolescents often go through phases and are often confused by their identity in sexual and other matters.

When kids are at an age where they’re not even able to consent to get a tattoo, it’s vital that people like Matt Walsh keep questioning the narrative, and for governors like [Tennesee’s]  Bill Lee to fully investigate what some are doing to our children—for profit.

Kudos to the event’s organizers for dealing effectively and safely with those who wanted to shout the speakers down. Our kids are too important. Whether you agree with Walsh or not, he and the other speakers have a right to be heard.

You can watch the event from the comfort of your couch—with no shriekers—below:



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