Homophobia Is Alive and Well in the Democratic Party

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Tolerance. Inclusion. Unity and respect for diversity. Those are the words of the United Nations Human Rights Council, and those are the concepts drilled into us constantly by the Left when it comes to sexual orientation. Not only are we to respect all people’s sexual identifications—which I do—but we’re supposed to unquestionably approve of biological males in sports, minors getting irreversible sexual surgeries, and men in female bathrooms.


These rules are evidently only for Republicans, however—if you’re a Democrat you can go on national TV and gay bash prominent Republican politicians with no consequence. That’s exactly what Whoopi Goldberg did on The View last week, attacking Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) while White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, a fawning audience, and the other panelists all giggled along:

Comedian Judy Gold went with a similar line of hate on MSNBC while the anchors “tried” to control their laughter instead of pointing out the obvious bigotry occurring right in front of them. See for yourself (starts at about the :45 second mark):


The NY Post reports:

Gold then made the personal attacks on Graham, saying, “He’s never seen a vagina.” This prompted laughter from the other panelists.

She also claimed, “He has never seen a naked woman, and he is telling me–”

Amused fellow guest and feminist author Liz Plank interrupted, saying, “Someone fact check that,” followed by, “It’s probably true.”

[Host Stephanie] Ruhle interjected, “We don’t know that for sure,” and CNBC contributor Ron Insana quipped, “Judy, we would refer to that as an unconfirmed report.” CBS contributor Nancy Giles sat there laughing. [Emphasis mine.]

Notice how abortion activists always manage to squeeze in the word “vagina” as many times as possible. It’s meant to jar you, and it often does. You rarely hear male pundits working the word “penis” into their musings. 

It would appear Gold has not an ounce of remorse for her homophobic, hateful speech:

During the Obama years, I used to ask myself a question whenever Barack or his administration said or did something objectionable. “What if Bush did that?” was always my query, because there were countless times he did things that would have sent the press into a frenzy had Bush II done them. (I remember my liberal former golfing buddy would go on and on about what a murderer Bush was regarding the Iraq war. After Obama took over and dramatically upped unmanned drone strikes, killing thousands, including many civilians, he never made another peep.)


Now we’ve got a new question: what if Trump did that? What if The Donald joked that Nancy Pelosi was a lesbian, or that Adam Schiff liked to wear lipstick and mini-skirts? The world would explode. It would be front-page news in every liberal newspaper and the lead story on every newscast.

But gay bash a Republican in 2022? Crickets. Whoopi’s apology meanwhile was almost worse than her initial joke:

“I need to make clear that I was doing what I do as a comic. Sometimes I make jokes, and it was a joke, nothing more than that,” she said. “I just got a whole conversation about people misunderstanding the joke. I mean, okay. I should probably never do this show again if this is what it’s coming to. It was a joke, guys.”

Oh, it was a joke. I see. Try making that argument if you’re a conservative. Good luck to you.

My main question to these hate-filled commentators is: so what if he is gay? First of all, he says he’s not, but I guess that’s not important to you. But what if he was? Who the hell cares? Most Americans have come to agree that we do not discriminate against one’s sexuality (unless you’ve taken to wearing giant prosthetic breasts to school).


As a senator, I sometimes think Graham is great; sometimes I think he’s terrible. The one thing I never think about is his sex life.

It’s shameful that those who preach tolerance seem to be the least tolerant among us.


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