Not a Joke: Email Company Cancels the Babylon Bee

Over the weekend I received an email from my favorite online satire site, the always-hysterical Babylon Bee. Today alone they have several headlines that made me laugh out loud: “PragerU Football Team Still Dead Last In NCAA Rankings,” “Woman Takes Stand Against Tyranny By Buying Another Strongly Worded Coffee Mug,” or “White House Promises To Walk Back Biden Statement Once Their Codebreakers Decipher It.”


C’mon man, that’s good stuff.

Of course, since they have a conservative bent, they’ve naturally experienced their share of cancel culture: the New York Times came after them for spreading “misinformation” (it’s satire, you buffoons), Twitter bans them periodically when the mood strikes and fact-checkers like Snopes get their undies in a twist when a funny headline hits too close to home.

Now it looks like yet another woke corporation is trying to signal its virtues by clamping down on the Bee:

A few weeks ago, we received an unexpected email from Front, the company that manages all inbound and outbound email for the team here at the Babylon Bee, informing us that they had terminated our account, effective immediately.

Sure enough, moments later, we were unable to send or receive email.

Email from the Babylon Bee (Credit: The Babylon Bee)

The company in question is an email provider called Front, and their website describes their services thusly: “Front is a customer communication hub that keeps teams focused on what technology can’t replace: ensuring every conversation strengthens the customer relationship.” Riiiight. Except when you want to censor those same customers. In another graphic, they share their high-falutin’ vision: “Built for teams that build customer relationships.”


Just not if you’re the Babylon Bee, as the email goes on to explain:

For weeks afterwards, our team scrambled. We’re a company spread across multiple cities, so email is essential to our operation. Needless to say, this one hurt. Front decided to drop the bomb on us in whatever way would disrupt us the most, and they succeeded.

Thanks, Front. Way to build those customer relationships. But why would an email company cancel its services to a humor site?

It probably comes as no surprise that Front is run by a group of woke, left-wing tech elitists. Just like Twitter, Facebook, The New York Times, Snopes, and the many other companies that have attacked us, they simply can’t abide satire that dares to mock their left-wing orthodoxy.

So they orchestrated their attack to do the most damage they possibly could.

Woke corporations throwing around their considerable weight against their own customers is shameful and seems flat-out un-American to me. We’ve seen how Amazon, Google and Apple managed to deplatform the social messaging app Parler because they didn’t like its conservative tilt. More recently we’ve seen credit card companies collude with the anti-gun lobby to effectively create a gun de-facto registry, as our own Jeff Charles reports. Payment provider PayPal and event planning site EventBrite also are notorious for simply voiding accounts they don’t like.


It’s even more ludicrous, however, when they come after a humor site. The Bee’s slogan is literally, “Fake News You Can Trust.” They’re not trying to fool anybody. This kind of cancel behavior by companies is outrageous, and it needs to stop.

We’ll end on a lighter note, though. Here’s the Bee gang having some fun with woke cancel culture:


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