Amazing Time-Lapse Video Shows Elizabeth Age From a Little Girl Into an Elderly Queen

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Monday marked the finale of the 10-day mourning period for Queen Elizabeth II, and she has now been laid to rest alongside her deceased husband Prince Philip. The Guardian marked the final hour:


The Queen has been buried alongside her late husband, Prince Philip, at the King George VI Memorial Chapel at Windsor Castle, an announcement on the royal family’s official website said.

“The Queen was buried together with the Duke of Edinburgh, at The King George VI Memorial Chapel,” the statement said.

If you’ve been following the coverage of the proceedings and vigils—RedState brought you “Monarch Mania in Seven minutes or Less” on Sunday—you’ll know that for many it’s been a time of grief, reflection, and pondering over what the future of the United Kingdom might bring.

For many in America, the question has been, “who cares? What’s all this hubbub about?” But over 4 billion people worldwide were projected to follow the funereal proceedings on television, and at one point lines to view the Queen in state stretched for 5 miles with 24-hour wait times. Nobody does ceremony like the English:

As I wrote Sunday, love the monarchy or hate it, Elizabeth lived an amazing life, and the Guardian’s obituary is absolutely fascinating. (This from someone who has held very little interest in Royal affairs and who has mostly tuned them out in my lifetime. It is history whether we like it or not.)


Not all is grim and dim: there’s now an amazing time-lapse video of the Queen aging from a little girl in the 1920s and 1930s, to a full-grown woman and later a mother for many decades, and finally into the elderly grandmotherly figure we’ve known in the 21st century. The amazing montage was posted by the Instagram account “loveprincessdiana,” which is dedicated to pictures of the Royal Family. It was captioned, “RIP Your Majesty, Thank you for your service as the Queen for 70 years and for everything you have done for Britain and Commonwealth.”

It was originally posted on the date of the Queen’s death, September 8, but has recently gone viral again as the Twitter account “HarrysGreySuit” re-posted it Sunday.


God rest the Queen.


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