Larry Elder Is on Fire as He Talks Crime on Tucker Carlson

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Former California gubernatorial candidate and longtime conservative radio host Larry Elder appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight Friday, and he didn’t hold back—saying the things you’re not supposed to say—while discussing the crime plaguing our inner cities. Carlson introduced Elder, then asked him what in the world is going on, and why isn’t every Republican running on a crime-fighting platform?


Elder, author of The Ten Things You Can’t Say in America, had thoughts:

Three broad themes. The first is, let’s talk about the police. The police in city after city, whether it’s LA, whether it’s Chicago, whether it’s New York, they are demoralized by this lie that they are engaged in a systemic racism against minorities. That they’re using deadly force against minorities just because they’re black, and they’re no longer engaging in proactive policing, they’re not engaging in some form of stop, question and frisk which happened under the Guiliani regime in New York that caused a deep, deep decline in crime. Even Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the Democrat mayor of Chicago, even said when he was mayor that the Chicago police had “gone fetal”—meaning they weren’t engaging in proactive policing.

As I asked in my opinion piece, What Do Leftists Want and Why Do They Want It? why don’t cities enact the same strategies that former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton used to dramatically bring down crime and improve the lives of their citizens? We know what works; we’ve seen it before. The city’s crime rate in the ‘90s under Guiliani dropped 56 percent during the eight years he served as mayor. The broken windows policing theory has, over and over again, proved itself successful, yet in city after city, they’ve tossed that strategy in favor of “progressive” policies” that have clearly failed–as LA, Chicago, Detroit, New York, and Minneapolis have proved. Scenes like this are becoming commonplace:


Elder continued:

The second big thing, of course, is soft-on-crime policies, soft-on-crime governors like the one in California, soft-on-crime DAs. Gavin Newsom bragged during COVID that he released 8,000 convicted felons, some of them were violent offenders, Tucker, and the odds are that at least half of them are going to re-offend. You have these soft-on-crime policies like Proposition 47, that allows you to steal 950 bucks, not just a day, but per store, and if you get caught they write you a ticket as a misdemeanor and you don’t go jail because you got cashless bail.

He goes on to describe Proposition 57, which classifies many crimes as non-violent, even though they sound pretty invasive, like “rape of an intoxicated victim.” Ask the victims if that should be a misdemeanor. If criminals know they’re unlikely to get caught, or will face just a slap on the wrist if they do, guess what happens? Crime goes up. As Elder says, “they may be crooks, but they’re not stupid.”

Elder then goes to the place that liberals don’t like you to go:

And finally the one that few people like to talk about, and you mentioned it in the monologue, is the breakdown of the family. You said their parents—plural—are not telling them not to steal. That assumes there are two parents. Often it is the parent or the grandparent. Forty percent of all kids in America today enter the world, Tucker, without a father married to the mother. Seventy percent of black kids, half of all Hispanic kids, 25 percent of white kids. And if you enter the world without a father married to the mother you are many times more likely to drop out of school, commit crime, and end up going to jail.


For pointing out inconvenient truths like this, the Los Angeles Times famously called Elder “the Black face of white supremacy” in one of the most racist headlines ever to appear in a major U.S. newspaper in modern times. Disgusting.

Elder is right about pretty much everything he says here, and it’s confounding that more people—especially more Republican candidates—aren’t listening. Meanwhile, we watch our cities crumble right before our eyes.



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