Meet the 19-Year Air Force Vet Booted Just Before Retirement Over Refusal to Get COVID Vax

Air Force Master Sergeant Nick Kupper competes on 'American Ninja Warrior" in 2019. Credit: Crystal Kupper/YouTube

President Biden’s Defense Department has been busy recently gutting our forces of soldiers who refuse to get the required COVID vaccination, including the staggering, 60,000 Army National Guard troops who were told June 1 that they are no longer allowed to participate in their military duties. That move effectively cuts them off from many of their military benefits.


It’s one thing to read numbers on a website, it’s another to put a face to the insanity.

Meet Air Force Master Sergeant Nick Kupper, a 19-year veteran of the Air Force who was given his walking papers just one month before he was to become eligible for full military retirement. This is especially cruel because he is the father of a special needs daughter, and his family was counting on the health benefits that come after 20 years of service.

Kupper appeared Wednesday on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program, and as if to prove how petty the DOD is being, the Air Force called him right before his appearance to let him know they wanted to process his separation package the next day. Watch:

Responding to a Carlson question, Kupper points out that he’s only one of a vast number of soldiers affected by the mandate:

…in fact you said it’s tens of thousands, it’s actually hundreds of thousands, by the DOD’s own numbers today. I mean you’re looking at guard or reserve—from all the branches—in the Air Force alone it’s over 10,000 people, to include myself.

He also went on to describe what a profound effect this will have on his family:

And you know, like you said, yeah, I’ve been counting on this 20-year retirement for the past 19 years, that’s been the plan, and all because they won’t grant me a religious exemption waiver, you know, they’re looking to kick me out…

So after 19 years, they’re going to throw away everything that I’ve worked for. But I’m just one of hundreds of thousands of people who are being kicked out because we won’t take an illegal, emergency use vaccine.


He also notes that the vaccine’s results haven’t been so good, to put it mildly:

In fact, Tucker, talking about “it doesn’t protect you from COVID,” if you look at their own numbers the DOD has seen a threefold increase in cases and deaths on a monthly basis since the mandate was enacted.

They go on to talk about the struggles in recruiting efforts across the services, a subject which RedState’s streiff recently reported on.

Kupper has a strong record throughout his career, twice winning the Air Force’s recruiter of the year title and devoting thousands of hours to mentoring youth, raising money for child sponsoring organizations, and helping and sponsoring orphans from Ukraine. He even competed on the “American Ninja Warrior” show in 2019, giving the Air Force’s profile a nice boost on national TV.

The Master Sergeant isn’t the only airman denied an exemption. The Paradise reports that the Air Force has been far from generous in doling them out:

More than 9,000 Airmen like Kupper have submitted requests for religious accommodations, of which 6,642 have been rejected by their commanders, 2,399 are still pending and only 98 have been approved. Thousands have gone through an appeals process after their initial religious waiver requests were denied. 3,445 appeals were rejected, while another 721 appeals are still pending. Only 30 Airmen have had religious exemption requests approved on appeal.


Thirty out of 9,000. That’s appalling. While soldiers are required to get many vaccinations, the COVID vax presents its own problems, as Kupper points out. It’s wrong that they’re forcing out such a fine serviceman, and thousands upon thousands of others, threatening our military preparedness and breaking the morale of soldiers.

This administration simply seems to enjoy punishing its own people, and this is yet another example of that. Kupper and his daughter, pictured here, deserve better. It’s downright cruel, what the government is doing to these men and women, and their families.


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