Why McConnell's Plan Is Bad for America

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s politically motivated plan to raise the debt limit “does nothing for the good of the country,” according to The Heritage Foundation’s David S. Addington, who outlined the think tank’s concerns on The Foundry this afternoon.


“The McConnell Plan would put America deeper into debt and achieves nothing toward the vitally important objective of getting federal overspending and overborrowing under control,” wrote Addington, who served as chief of staff and counsel to Vice President Dick Cheney before joining Heritage.

McConnell’s plan would allow President Obama to raise the debt limit by more than $2 trillion without congressional approval. It abandons any hope of getting federal overspending and overborrowing under control.

Addington highlighted the concerns raised by Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH). DeMint said the plan was “like leaving the jail door open and looking the other way, then saying it’s not our fault.”

Addington concluded:

Conservatives in Congress need to focus on what is good for the country. That starts with a clear understanding that this is the moment to put the country on the path toward getting federal overspending and overborrowing under control. The guiding principle is simple: Don’t raise the debt limit, without getting spending under control. Use the legislation on the debt limit to put America on the path to driving down federal spending and borrowing, while preserving our ability to protect America, and without raising taxes.


Bluey directs the Center for Media and Public Policy at The Heritage Foundation. He also blogs at Scribe.



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