Water Cooler 1/20/18 Open Thread; Some Fun Things from the NFL


Everyone knows all the stupid political nonsense that is ruining the NFL. But every once in a while some good stuff creeps out.

Cleveland Browns

After their horrible 1-15 season in 2016, Browns coach Hue Jackson said that wouldn’t happen again in 2017. He was right – they went 0-16. Some fans decided that merited a parade, and a few thousand of them turned out in bone-chilling weather for it.



Another hapless franchise for as long as most of us can remember is the Buffalo Bills. There were enough bad AFC teams this year that the Bills were on the cusp of making the playoffs. On the last day of the season they got the win they needed, but then had to depend on the Cincinnati Bengals to knock off the Ravens on the road in Baltimore. The Bengals pulled off a near miracle to win that game in the final minute and delirium ensued. Bills fans thanked Cincy QB Andy Dalton by donating well over over $300K to his charitable foundation.


Having grown up in New Orleans, I was as devastated as anyone by the crazy play that allowed the Minnesota Vikings to pull off a miraculous TD in the closing seconds of their playoff game. The game was over but the stupid NFL rules required the extra point attempt to be taken several minutes afterward.

The Saints had already left the field and needed to send 11 players back out. Saints punter Thomas Morstead led them back and Vikings QB Case Keenum took a knee to officially end it. The remarkable part about it is that Morstead busted his ribs making a tackle on his first punt of the game. He had two 50+ yarders after that, then was back out at the end.


His actions did not go unnoticed by the Vikings fans, who have donated over $200K (and counting) to his foundation. Morstead is flying to Minneapolis during Super Bowl week to deliver those funds as a donation to a children’s hospital there.

Your Turn

This is an open thread of course, so feel free to add your own feel-good story or anything else, such as an explanation of why every pro sports figure feels the need to create their own charitable foundation.


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