Buttigieg Should Resign and Go Back to His Babies

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When America’s supply chain started breaking down — and, yes, Biden, I do know what a supply chain is — the first person citizens started looking for was Indiana Pete Buttigieg. America’s worried eyes turned to then-Secretary of Transportation/ temporary mother Buttigieg who’d been taking care of babies instead of America’s vast and vital transportation system. Just like bad actors are said to be looking to take down our power grid or computer system to destroy our beacon-shining nation, China, Russia, and Iran would be best served by completely eliminating the inflow of imports to America which would bring most of the country down all at once.


America’s weren’t the only eyes looking for Buttigieg. “Throw-‘Em-Under-the-Bus” Biden, always spring-loaded to apply blame to other poor slobs, was looking toward Buttigieg, the American Left’s favorite Mom. But not for the usual reasons of destroying someone else’s career and self-esteem, no, not at all. Biden was in a quandary. He was dying to throw the skinny, fey Rhodes Scholar under the crushing wheels of America’s grinding Leftist tractor. (Question: Why do Marxist Democrats seem to be the only Rhodes Scholars?)

But Biden couldn’t resort to his usual hip-check under an approaching vehicle.

You see, in Biden’s World, there can never be any well-deserved or partially deserved criticism, for any reason of a homosexual, transgender, minority, illegal immigrant, disabled, or anyone with poor eyesight, hearing, or speech. Their list of safe tribes is endless. This hard-and-fast woke rule especially applies to any Democrat. (Bernie Sanders is a clear exception, as he has bus tire marks indelibly etched on his back.) Irony follows: “Buttigieg–while we don’t like him very much and certainly don’t approve of his lifestyle–must be protected at all costs; he must never be publicly criticized, disparaged or condemned much less challenged,” reads the DNC memo that went out during Buttigieg’s feeble and intolerable pursuit of our presidency. Irony precedes.


One problem compounding the swiftly eroding supply chain situation was Buttigieg’s surreptitious absence. I was taken aback. As were more than 20 other people I asked who are intensely involved in politics. Clearly, Buttigieg was pulling a fast one. Taking months and months off without the American public knowing.

And we’re all furious ad pounding the drum of booting them out of office when they pull this Democrat disappearing act, such as Newsom’s bizarre antics recently..

When the crisis first bloomed, there was no remorse, no excuses — just the smarmy expectation that Mayor Pete was permitted to do pretty much whatever he wanted without any questions or push-back from a concerned citizenry. This is a deeply annoying arrogance that infects most politicians — most glaringly Democrat ones. And it’s patently untrue that once elected or appointed, politicians can then have their way with taxpayer money. People should start going to jail for this.

Pete Buttigieg
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

And then this ill-bred Marxist wastrel doesn’t drop all his domestic duties to rush to his nation’s aid; nope, he goes on to explain that he’s doing just fine working from home; that he’s got it all figured out. We all assume he’s going back home and cares not about empty shelves or terminal patients without their life-saving medicine.

As fellow Red Stater, Nick Arama robustly asserted, people in all strata of American life are “wondering if he’s (Buttigieg) is ok.” I can assure you that it was crystal-clear to me, since I first laid eyes on this weak specimen, that Buttigieg was not close to ok in any sense of the abbreviation.


As the first known, not “acting” homosexual cabinet secretary, you’d think some LGBT activist throng would go after those going after their man. But no, there was relative silence amongst the mobs. A known Conservative LGBT organization, the Log Cabin Republicans not only provided zero cover but in super-hero fashion laid into Buttigieg like a Mike Tyson uppercut.

Now I believe motherhood is the hardest job God ever created. It’s being on call 24/7 like a nurse, policeman, or firefighter but without a lot of the hero worship and thankfulness attached. Mothers are the most amazing of people in humanity and perform miracles every second.

That said, our sometimes Secretary — perhaps more a Mom, had an obligation to inform his superiors and the American people that he was expecting this massive life change and may have to be spending a lot of time at home with diapers rather than preoccupying himself with minor details like our nation’s roadways, bridges, tunnels, trucking, rails, airports, and airplanes.

Then, there’s the distinct possibility that China and/or other bad actors are trying to eliminate the free access to goods, products, and medicines that we’ve all come to expect. He should have declined the job if his heart wasn’t in it — as it apparently wasn’t — or prepared his partner to take over their babies’ care exclusively, He should’ve been honest with himself, Biden, and the American people and turned the job down immediately. Instead, it appears he’s been stealing his salary while at home warming bottles.


Particularly because his only job-related experience for heading America’s Transportation Department was his faking riding a bike to work as a form of intentional media phoniness and to hoodwink the public.

Or when Phony Pete made an especially misleading video short about how he shopped for running shoes. As if. It was plotted to feign the Biden-Harris administration’s interest in “the important role of small business.” Of course, the small business selected for this disingenuous field trip was responding on-script to our roving reporter/Mom’s questions about how helpful the Biden mob has been to small business. Poppycock, many of the “small businesses” this lawless horde helped were not small businesses at all or fleeced the taxpayers with a wink from the Biden crew.

This time-card villain also claims publicly that highways are racist; a claim that evokes belly-ache laughter and stupidity red flags across America. (Special recognition goes out to April Ryan, the birdbrained reporter who asked about racist infrastructure.)

It is this glaring phoniness that is staring decent, hard-working Americans right in the eyes constantly. All of them display it; but Biden, Pelosi, Newsom, and Buttigieg have perfected their twisted craft of being phony. They think they’re so smart.

As my Grandma used to say, “They’re too big for their britches.”




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