I'm Absolutely Overjoyed to Be Wrong About the Election

AP Photo/Steve Helber

On Sunday, I wrote a column entitled, “Governors’ Races Prediction: Dems Win Again.” Sometimes in life, a disaster we’re imagining never comes true and we feel silly and then relieved. Now is such a time for me.


I had thought the Dems and their nasty-machine would do the same exact dirty deeds they’ve done for decades now.

I state without equivocation right now, right here that I was wrong. I was not just minor-league wrong … no … I was WRONG. Wrong.

I was incorrect, mistaken, erroneous, flagrant, miserable, lacking, odious, crappy, atrocious, horrendous, damnable, flawed, detestable, and so many more … gnarly, disgustingly and every other contemptible adjective to describe my wrongness.

But I feel great.

To see that decrepit, skeleton swamp dweller McAuliffe sent scurrying back to the loving arms of other sub-humanoid Clinton/Obama posers is after the Trump election one of those great nights in life.

Should Ciattarelli’s shocker in New Jersey hold, we’re then talking complete annihilation in November 2022.

Being wrong never felt so good.

After the despondency of 2020’s absurd, surreal election, we all need to really savor this one. We should celebrate. We should take pride in this. We did this.

And there’s so much more we have to do. And there’s too much at stake for us to lose. Onward & Upward!!


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