Opinion Smidgen: Putting Fauci's Head in a Cage with Hungry Insects

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

I find Fauci personally revolting. Always have.

He’s a petty, little man without concern for humanity; just focused on his constant hunt for power and publicity.


With the news that he’s been supporting and using taxpayer money to heinously torture beagle puppies under the ludicrous assertion that there’s some “scientific research value” in this grisly, Satanic suffering of innocent animals. They look to us with big, hopeful eyes for care and tenderness and this is what these beasts in lab coats do?

Beagles used in cruel experiments funded by NIH. SOURCE: NIH, via FOIA request

Now, I’m an animal lover. I love them all. But I am not a PETA activist who believes animals are more important than human beings. That said, I’m advocating the ultimate punishment for the leaders of these soul-destroying “experiments.” There can be no reasonable explanation or rationale about the research they were doing. Though I for one need very much to hear them squirm and hem & haw. If the subject weren’t so horrendous, I’d be laughing heartily at the sight of such worthless and weak creatures trying to justify their atrocities.

Here’s an idea: Let’s take these people and perform similar unnecessary tests ON THEM.


Francis X. Collins, Fauci’s spineless boss should be duct-taped face-to-face with his subordinate and together they should have their collective empty skulls inserted into a cage swarming with famished sand flies for about ten minutes or so until their heads are covered with bites and swelling. They should then be removed and thrown together, still taped mouth-to-mouth into a dingy, smelly jail cell in the worst prison America has to offer. Five years in prison would not be too much in my estimation.

Many are unaware, that the disgusting, inhuman, and crimes against humanity experiments that the Nazis hung for began with animals and ended up with torturing people to death. These were also for “medical research.”

I feel vindicated that Fauci is now a proven monster … yet still unsatisfied. To satisfy me, the culprit must pay a penalty–in this case a very serious one–and be brought to justice.


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