Rand Paul's Scavenger Hunt Continues

A new GOP alternative to ObamaCare is reportedly being hidden somewhere in the U.S. Capitol to safeguard it from leaks, and one GOP Senator is refusing to accept such secrecy toward the American people.  Senator Rand Paul has begun what may be the greatest game of hide-and-seek the nation has ever seen by setting out with his staff with a copy machine to find the bill’s top-secret location.  He does, after all, have a point: the privacy of the bill may prevent a cost estimate prior to a Senate vote, and echoes of “we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it” are ringing in my ears as we speak.


Senator Paul’s hunt began yesterday, when he documented the start of his journey toward transparency.

With little luck yesterday, he today reached out to Politico, where new details of the secret bill emerged, and continued to document his search around the city:

Shortly thereafter, he was tricked by the “bait and switch” of D.C.:


Don’t give up the search, Senator Paul.  We’ll all keep an eye out for that bill in the rest of the country for you.


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