Illegal Immigrants Target American Women - Where Are the Feminists?

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

In a few weeks, I will travel to Milwaukee to serve as an alternate delegate at the Republican National Convention. It is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a ton of fun. For a short time, I considered driving. It is only a little over a five-hour drive for me, but while I was contemplating whether to drive or fly, something happened. We learned about yet another murder of an American woman, Rachel Morrin, at the hands of an illegal immigrant. We are hearing about heinous crimes like this more often. I would be lying if I said that it didn't affect my travel decisions. At some point, I would be a woman alone stopping for gas in an unfamiliar place with out-of-state license plates. As more American women are victims of crime at the hands of illegal immigrants, we have to ask a question we have asked before, where are the feminists?

Have America's feminists suddenly mastered the art of invisibility? It would certainly appear that way. Their recent track record is suspect, to say the least. Let's review: Biological men who are at best mediocre in the men's division of their chosen sports are robbing biological women of record-setting performances and championships because they have decided they now "identify" as women and, therefore, can compete with women who have smaller hearts, about seven percent less muscle mass, and less lung capacity. Since we can assume that most feminists belong to the "party of science," where is the feminists' outrage as women's sports are being effectively erased? 

The entire world watched when on October 7, 2023, Hamas terrorists carried out the worst attack on Israel in its short history. Nearly 1,200 people were killed, and many more were injured, just for the crime of being Jewish. But what was even more evil was the raping and killing of Israeli women and girls by Hamas terrorists. Some are reportedly being kept as sex slaves for the terrorists. Where is the outrage by not just American feminists but international women's rights groups about the treatment of Israeli women and the demand that they be immediately released?

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Back here at home, we continue to suffer the effects of Joe Biden's open border. Millions have illegally entered the country, and we have no way of knowing who they are. Where is the feminists' outrage as the human trafficking of women and girls goes on unabated and is big business for cartels? But perhaps what feminists should be most outraged about is the fact that American women are now being repeatedly attacked, raped, and murdered by illegal immigrants. In February, Laken Riley was killed by an illegal immigrant from Venezuela. In 2023, Rachel Morin was killed by an illegal immigrant who was recently apprehended. Jocelyn Nungaray, just 12 years old, was killed by two illegal immigrants who had just crossed the border, one as recently as May, and were released by Border Patrol. Again, Where are the feminists?

The feminists are busy elsewhere. After all, it is an election year. Their concern for women and girls only comes in a few forms. One of those is anything having to do with abortion. Then there are transgender rights and "genocide" in Gaza. See anywhere in that agenda where there has been any reaction from feminists about very real issues concerning women — the most critical of which would be not to be the target of illegal immigrants and remain alive? Sadly, there will not be any outrage from feminists because none of these things fit their political agenda. Men competing in women's sports is supported by Democrats, being anti-Israel at least appears to be supported by Democrats, and an open border, well, you can see the pattern. 

American feminists are an outdated, obsolete, worthless bunch. If they are not going to speak out about the basic safety of women, maybe it is time for a new breed of feminists who will. Because clearly, American women need the old feminists like a fish needs a bicycle.



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